Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to make time for reading

Four summers ago, I made a pledge to read 55 books by Fall 2016. I love books and I cannot deny it. Not only did I beat the challenge but completed 67 books.  This is the only achievement I am proud of! Just like everyone else, I had a busy work life from 9-5, family obligation etc. Everyone I meet says ‘Hey, I want to make time for reading but I simply cannot. I’m too busy!’ For those busybodies who thinks that there is no time for reading, these tips may help you to kindle your love for reading. Now that fall is here, what could be the best thing than to curl up with a book with a steaming cup of tea by your side?

1. Just Read anything

A general trend among the Bhutanese is they prefer nonfiction books particularly self-help and management books. Well, there is nothing wrong in reading these genre but these books lets you lose off your track very easily. What I would rather suggest is go for the books that you actually enjoy. Be it a trashy romance, a thriller, a cookbook or a history, read something that interests you.  What I normally do is I read several books at a time. If I am at work and I want to relax a bit or take my mind off something, I read a light fiction. If it is to wind down at the end of the day, I pick up some biographies or history.

2. Cut down your time in front of the TV screen or scrolling through Facebook & Instagram

Most of the time, we sit infront of the tv screen for hours and hours and spends hours scrolling through facebook and Instagram newsfeed. There is no value addition. I’m equally guilty of this.  Time is not invested wisely here. So make a pact with yourself to read at least 20 pages which you would rather lose it watching tv or scrolling though facebook. Reading goes a long way towards increasing your intelligence level. It reduces stress, helps you to experience multiple emotions and teaches you a lot about many subjects.

3Set a reading goal

Setting a goal and tracking your progress online helps you to track your reading progress. My personal favorite is Goodreads.com, an online account in which you keep your overview of the books you are reading. It helps you set reading challenge and helps you focus on your reading. Give yourself a specific challenge to hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself to reach that goal. You can find a plethora of book recommendations you have ever imagined to find here.   

I hope these small tips will help you pick up a book immediately and start reading.
Happy reading! 


  1. Thank you, Rekha, for writing about this. Yes, you can find the time to read! I would also add to your list: create or join a book club. It will introduce you to books you might not have even heard of--not that you'll like every book that you read, but it will increase your scope and may introduce you to a genre you haven't tried yet. Happy reading!

    1. Thank you Phyllis for adding onto the list. Joining a book club definitely helps one to read books which you may not have heard or like it. Sharing my own experience :).

  2. Thank you ma'am Rekha for your useful tips. I envy and wish to set a reading goal like you did.

    1. I hope you will start working on your goal immediately. Happy Reading Tashi! :)

  3. Sis Rekha this is very inspiring ...
    I read 20 minutes everyday ... that's your tips... and 20 pages a day would definatly keep me away from tv and scrolling thru Facebook hehe...
    Keep inspiring us with your thought-provoking tips...
    Beautiful day gorgeous��

    1. Thank you dear Rupa. 20 minutes, just minutes and you will read and learn something. :)

  4. Thank u mam Rekha for ur tips which wud definately benefit me as i am also a luver of book but couldn't come up with goals to read certain number of books. I think it's time for me to set goals. Thank u once again.

  5. Need to set a reading goal now. Thank you for this useful tip. I have been following your blog for about 3 years now and yes, I can 'relate to' it.


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