Monday, March 14, 2016

What it means not to be on Facebook in the age of digital media

On a whim one lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to deactivate my facebook account and deleted the application from my phone altogether. Before I ditched the social media, I was asked a couple of questions as to why and for how long I’m deactivating the account (Facebook doesn’t let you go off easily).

A few hours later, I started to feel the void. FOMO – Fear of Missing Out Syndrome started to creep in me. 

In this digital age, our phones have become extension of ourselves, an extra limb. They remind us about everything in life ; when to wake up, how many steps you took, your do-to list, all information at the tap of the phone screen. If we leave the house without a phone, we feel disconnected. It’s even worse when the phone’s battery is about to be drained off. I feel like my life is at risk.Why? Because it's the ultimate chord to all the lives out there!

Facebook has been that awkward family dinner table where you’re compelled to be and remain there awkwardly against all your wishes. It has become ‘abnormal’ not to be on facebook now. A week later, friends called me sensing my disappearance from facebook. They rolled their eyes at me when I said I was unplugging from the internet. They were a little worried, you see. 

Studies show that not being on facebook is a sign that you’re abnormal and dysfunctional, or even dangerous. Psychologists say that staying away from social media is ‘suspicious.’ 
In all the recent crimes, criminals showed one common ground; not having a facebook profile. Baffling, isn’t it? 

But hey, I ain’t anyone of them. Neither do I have some malicious attempt at anything nor a wish to be seen as a misfit.

I was just trying to absorb myself in my thoughts without the distraction of social media. I have been meaning to unplug from the social media for some time now. To experience what it means to be disconnected.

Our current obsession with social media scares me. There’s this constant tug to check updates, emails, tweets, status updates. Or to obsess about how many likes a post garnered. We never sit and enjoy the sunset without taking a picture. Never sit at a coffee shop and simply watch the world go by without having to post about it. Never value time alone with someone we love without fiddling the phone.   

My disconnection from social media allowed me a great reflection time. It allowed me to be present in my thoughts, be mindful about it and let me appreciate the present. Without the distraction, I had great deal of time to do things I love; focus on my reading, writing, meeting friends without having to update about it, go out for walks and be productive at my work. At the end, I met a better version of myself.

I also learned that sometimes it’s very crucial for the soul to unplug from everything, like unplugging from the social media for me. It helps you to reflect, rejuvenate and become a better version of the self. Try doing that, I dare you and experience the difference in your soul.  


  1. Oh I can't even imagine myself without Facebook.... That's the only world for me when I am alone or when I am bored...... I appreciate u for being able to withdraw from social forum for so long.... Enjoy your real world!

    1. I understand. It appalls me so much to think how internet and social media, Facebook in particular has revolutionized our world. It was a short sabbatical, I've succumbed to the 'normal' now. I didn't want to be seen as a Psychopath. I enjoy your posts so much, keep blogging Amrith Sir, you're an inspiration!

  2. I was wondering where did my darling go :(

  3. Yeah, you can still have life without Facebook.
    I also once thought about deactivating my account for similar reasons and for other reason as well.
    But then I realised all the current news and updates, and buying and selling is done on Facebook without fees and I remained on Facebook. Till now.
    Sometimes, I think that responsible social networking is very important although it sounds funny coming from my mouth as I am on social media most of the time as they are my only means of connection with my friends and family back home, including you.
    So, hopefully, I can keep up with you in here or on IG :)


    1. It's amazing how our life has revolutionized with social media.
      But no worries, it was just a sabbatical. I'm back for good :). Like you said, facebook is the ultimate connection and one can't afford to miss it.

  4. Hope all is well rekha..Been awhile, .. take care nd keep smiling!!!

    1. Thank you Che. Just saw this! Hope all is well at your end too. :)


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