Thursday, January 28, 2016

The day I got lucky…

was the day I became an older sister to a chubby little boy. It was January 29, 1989. Today, I want to let my brother know how lucky I am to be his sister, to have shared the same womb.

I don’t remember the early years of holding him in my arms. I just remember him following me everywhere around in the house and outside in the playground. Then we were going to school and I was this big little sister who used to protect him from all the bullies at school. Mother used to dress us in similar clothes. It would mean passing on my clothes to him as I outgrew it. 

Soon after I hit the teen years, I was away to a boarding school. We were not able to spend much time together except on the school holidays. Letters were a big part of our communication in the absence of telephone and internet those days. Sick from homesickness, I used to look forward to his adorable letters every weekend.

Though we were not able to spend a lot of our growing up years together, the years took its toll on us, in a beautiful way. His kindness and generosity appalls me. Even as a young child of 8 years old, he would be so kind to the strangers and people around him. If we had guests at home, he’d be the one to be the most courteous of all and never failed to make people around him comfortable. 
I still remember how he was overjoyed when he was gifted a guitar as a small boy. He took to his guitar lesson so well that soon he used to play and entertain guests at home during the cold winter days. He grew up to become a fine young man.

Last winter, a particular old neighbor of ours, Babai (Grandpa) who is in his late 80s fondly remembers of him. He asked me where is that ‘little boy’? Brother never forgot to take the old man sweets and gifts whenever he visited home.  

His circle of friends ranges from the cow herder back in the village, from small kids to old people like Babai and Amai. It astounds me to know the size of his heart. Wherever he goes, he leaves every piece of his heart and yet completes himself. I’m sure that trait must have passed on from mother, who has a big heart herself. 

His love for dogs is so infectious. He brought home a month old black apsoo dog the previous summer and named her Chelsea, declaring his love for his favorite football club. I’ve never been a dog person before. But soon the fondness crept into me and I started to love Chelsea dearly. 

My mother who can never stand the sight of a dog before also started to love her. Now Chelsea is the baby and the heart of the house. She will take the meal if fed by my mother only. Sometimes, I look at Chelsea’s pictures and it hurts me so much from missing her. It amazes me the love he showed us to embrace upon before he left for his studies.  

To Adeep : Happy Birthday to you, my dearest brother. May you be blessed with all the amazing things in life. Now that you are big guy, I’m confident that you will choose to live well like never before. I’m sure that you will never cease to amaze us with your kindness and generosity. We are so proud of you. 

I don't remember our exact age here, but this was just before I was enrolled in school.

I couldn't help but post this photograph of ours here, this being the favorite of mine. No matter how old you grow and drift apart, you will always remain this cute little chubby brother of mine. I may not have said it often, you're the greatest gift from our parents to me. Thank you for being my brother. 


  1. I can relate your brother to myself, not that we are of same age but because I too have a caring sister like you. It pains me to think how she used to care me though I was king of the family and often made her cry invariably. But it didn't take me that long to realize her love and care unto me and today we share relationship just like you and your brother.

    1. Its good that you realized your sister's love early. Sisters are gem, treasure while you can. And the same goes for brothers also. :)

  2. Aww ashem, just too cute
    Every adjective used are so so cute and I am equally grateful to have him around and as put in the above write up he definately has got the world's largest warm heart.. He makes everyone around him feel comfortable and i couldn't agree more with the praises for him.
    Happiest B'day to him once again ��
    Ps. Don't forget we need to ask him for his b'day treat ashem, hehe
    And yup happiest weekend to you ����

    1. Thank you dear. The luckiest sisters we are to have a brother like him. It definitely calls on a treat, don't forget to nag him hehe. Happy weekend to you sweets.

  3. A very touching post, Rekha. Your brother is truly blest to have such a caring sister like u. Your article has made me miss my own sisters and brothers who are no more in this world... Both of u r extremely lucky to have each other!

  4. Thank you so much Amrith sir. I pray that your siblings are in a better place now.


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