Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hike to the tiger’s nest

Last month, Rima and I hiked up to the tiger’s nest, Taktshang in Paro. Now I don’t think I need to introduce Rima to this Bhutanese blogosphere. Because. Because who doesn’t know her? Anyone out there?

I met her for the first time when she visited Bhutan the month before that. When I told my family that she’s my internet friend visiting Bhutan, they rolled their eyes at me. Thanks to the internet, the world has become small.

I love that she’s filled with infectious positivity towards life that she tries to share that with people around her. How to live one’s life, one at a time, I think I should take lesson from her. I’m sure you all agree with me on this.

The hike up to the tiger’s nest was the second time for both of us. For me, particularly, it was after 11 years. 

I hiked to Taktshang as a teenager then, on a school field trip. 

So much has changed in over a decade now. The hiking trail has improved. The railing at Taktshang was not there, now it is there. A nice café is there for the visitors to rest and enjoy a good cup of coffee/drinks. And the number of visitors has increased subsequently.  
That morning, we were blessed with the perfect weather. The sun was behind the clouds, making the day very cool for the hike uphill. 

On the way up just before reaching Taktshang, we lied down on the bench for a rest. The sun was up on the face and there was the sound of blowing trumpets somewhere up on the hill. Listening to the distant trumpet with the eyes closed brings such bliss to one’s heart. In that moment, it occurred to me ‘yes, if there’s one place I want to be, then its here.’ Somewhere up in the mountains, where sorrows and frets are a distant thing of the past.

It was an easy climb uphill for me where the calm Rima took her time with such grandeur and ease. However, the descend downhill was a little difficult for me. But no complaints, it was a good hike. 


  1. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures. I have always wanted to visit Bhutan. It looks beautiful :)

    1. Hi Madam, I thought you had visited Bhutan before. If not yet, please do so. And Tiger's Nest is a must visit place! Train your stamina before climbing this place though! ;)

      Hope your wish will come true soon! Take care!

      Rima :)

    2. Rachna ma'am, I feel blessed to be born in Bhutan. Would love to have you here. :)

  2. Hi dear, thank you for bringing me there la! Btw it was my third visit, not second ^^ Yeah, like you said, I climbed it slowly as I was having flu, first day period, lack of sleep, and so on, but eventually we both made it up! I was so happy being able to visit the temple again and it made me feeling so close to heaven! :D So, hope you are doing great there and wish you have a lovely weekends! Take care! :)

    1. Apologies for that. It skipped my mind that it was your 3rd visit :).

      I really had a good time with you and the hike to the tiger's nest was even lovely. Though you were not fit physically that day, I like how you brought about that determination in you and overcame that.

      We had a lovely sunday, First Bloggers Conference. I'm sure you already checked that out in FB. Have a good week ahead!


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