Friday, June 12, 2015

on loss and broken hearts

This morning, the mascara wand rather did a somersault on the eyelash
the eyelids swollen from yester night’s rendezvous

I suspect the heart unraveled strangely. I’d weep, pause and start again.
Accusations hauled at each other, speculations made
The heartache overwhelming that it would explode.

Like a volcanic eruption, the well suppressed feelings of love and oneness exploded.
The wine triggered the flow of emotions, perhaps.
Or the pang of loss, perhaps.
The thought of you slipping away is too unbearable.

The moon shone through the balmy summer night.
A hint of tear glittered in the corners of your eyes.
You tried to shield it, yet it was prominent on that Greek sculpted face of yours.

Is it okay to be broken-hearted?
Or how much you loved?
Times solves most things.
And what time can’t solve, you alone have to solve it.


  1. It is okay to feel loss and broken hearted dear. It happens to anyone. I just had that feeling too last night as I had to separate with my six year relationship. I had that sudden loss and realisation that tomorrow it won't be there anymore.

    However, life goes on. And I believe that things happen for a reason. And as Luzee said on my blog, one door closes, another door opens. So, keep your head high and embrace life with positivity. If you need listening ears, I can be there for you, so with drinking khaki :D

    1. Indeed life goes on no matter what. It has to move on. The thought of you saying, 'its okay to feel loss and broken-hearted' comforts me beyond words.

      Thank you for being there always.

  2. Thats part of life Miss Reykha... CHEERS!! ;)
    Remember broken heart will turn into a stronger one within hope...
    Happy Weekend
    Have Fun
    <3 XoXo

  3. I am going through the same phase as you my dear.
    All we can do is "COPE" up with our feelings each day and remain positive all the time (Although it takes time to process our feelings)
    Let's rock and roll our feelings and be happy that we learn and grow from pain and heartbreaks.

    Take care girl.

    1. Yes, I'm trying to COPE up. This is part of life, can't help it. I just wish for additional strength to overcome it.

      Cheers to heart-breaks, we emerge stronger than the phoenix :)

    2. Indeed! That's life!

      Cheers to that ~

  4. It is all part of life and perfectly O.K. to feel brokenhearted from time to time. This shows that we feel and that we care. Lovely post.


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