Saturday, November 29, 2014

Celebrating Autumn : the year's last loveliest smile

I like to wear my heart on the sleeve when it comes to autumn. And it isn't a secret here in this little blog.

Plenty of warm sunshine, the crisp air, clear blue skies and blankets of golden leaves on the ground makes my heart flutter.
On days like these, I like to go to the park, read a book under the sun and take a nap, which I did last weekend only to attract weird stares from people at the park. At the risk of not seeming too creepy I quickly picked up my things and headed home. Tomorrow is officially the end to this glorious season. 

This morning when the sun played hide and seek, I was nervous thinking that I wouldn’t be able to go out to bask in this glorious season for the last time. Hopefully, Mr. Sun came out and we didn’t waste a minute in heading out. It was truly breathtaking to go out and take photos in different parts of the capital. I couldn’t help but pose in almost all the photos at the risk of looking narcissist. And the inner child in me came out and I tried catching the falling leaves, played with the leaves (as seen in the pic below) and mistook a wild nut for hazelnut and ate it. Thank God, I'm still breathing. Thus this post. :)

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Beautiful autumn post! Glad that you managed to enjoy it! Happy weekend! :)

    1. Things have gotten a lil' lighter now in this part of my world, so before it gets late I had to take the time off everything and do this post :).

  2. Most of the times I will be snuggled up inside my blankets or will be brooding around heaters. It seems I have already lost to this coldness. But it's great that you're managing to enjoy it despite coldness it has to offer. Have a wonder day ahead Rekha..

    1. Thank you Sherab. Even the cold won't stop me from going around jumping in thick layers. There's a charm to cold also. :)


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