Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello September

As I pulled the window blinds from the bed this morning, my half opened eyes were greeted by the most spectacular blue skies with white fluffy clouds. Instantly, my heart bubbled and the sleep went out the window. I felt something marvelous in the air. 

With a slight chill in the air, I opened my door to the room for more air, watered my plants and set the teakettle on to boil for a good cup of chai. Mornings like this comes with the onset of autumn. And today was the perfect beginning to many more of it. 

The summer heat will slowly start to withdraw. It will be profoundly replaced by slight chill in the air and finally give way to cold dreadful winter. On my way to office, I noticed that tress have slightly started to turn mellowed yellow in color, signifying its time closer to death. Alas! 

It may rain for a little while, but I wouldn’t mind it as long as autumn has stepped in. It’s that time for a perfect little stroll in the evening wrapped in your favorite cardigan and feel the crisp autumn breeze. It also means hiking to the nearest hilltop towards the afternoon with a book, and lying and reading on the crisp golden leaves till the evening. Staying till the evening to watch the marmalade sunset. 

Darkness seeps in a little early which means I get to see the stars a little early too in the evening. 

Oh September, what is there not to love about thee? Because you bring in on autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile. A symbol that we have survived another year. And when it gets crisp in the fall, life starts all over again. 

Welcome September, I’m ready for you. Please be good.
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  1. I too join you in ushering September month especially the Blessed Rainy Day which falls in September.

    1. Thank you. Blessed rainy day is one occasion I look forward to in Sepetmber. I wish you a blessed one this year.

  2. I have also felt the humidity of the air decreasing as air has become cooler now. Fall is no doubt, a beautiful season, especially of its moderate temperature around until it slips into winter season. Thanks.

    1. Yes Sangay, it has started to get chillier by the evening lately.

  3. The autumn is my favourite <3 xo

  4. I love autumn. So many beautiful colours and a good excuse to cozy up and drink a tea and read, although I do not enjoy the winter that follows.


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