Saturday, July 12, 2014

Simple Things

It’s the simplest things in life that brings great happiness. Simple things like: 

++ the summer here in the capital, all warm and fresh. Summer is all about discarding the thick and uncomfortable wear and relaxing just in a tee and shorts. It’s about wearing that neon pink flip flops and taking a stroll towards the evening with the warm and gentle breeze on your face. 

++ vegetable shopping in the weekend farmer’s market and bargaining for that slice of pumpkin. I like to go for that pumpkin which is not too sweet when cooked and becomes more like potatoes. It’s all about asking the farmer where the pumpkin is from. That way you can make little conversation with them and promise them that you’ll again visit them next weekend. Call me a miser. 

++ conditioning your hair with a pack of henna and a shower cap. It’s more natural with less chemicals and super good conditioner for the hair. Yes, I’m old school and I prefer henna over other hair color even though it’s tedious. 

++ standing by the window and watching the raindrops in the late afternoon. Ah….bliss! 

++ watching The Fault in Our Stars movie in bed and giggling all the time especially when you know the dialogues from the book and you say it loud and feel like a teenager. 

++ sipping tea from your favorite teacup and that old familiarity engulfs you because you’ve shared that afternoon tea with someone you loved once. 

Am I being a hopeless romantic? I think I’m not. 

So relax, let go of the feelings that gnaw you and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Because it’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary. 

It has been a blissful Saturday where I did all of these. I hope your weekend is being great like mine. 
And yes let’s gear up for the world cup final between Germany and Argentina. I was rooting for The Netherlands all those time when my heart got crushed. So obviously I’m up for the Germans now. 

Have a lovely weekend.
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  1. I also used henna before, although not anymore. My hair tends to be reddish and my mom always complains and wants me to get that nice deep black 'real' Asian hair color haha. Not sure if I have a crappy product but after I dye my hair with it I have to make sure I put towel on top of my pillow otherwise it will stain the pillow!


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