Thursday, June 12, 2014

Leaving the soul ajar

 2014 is flying past the window. 

It’s already June which means we are halfway through the year. Another 6 months lie ahead for the goals and wishes to be completed. Hmnn…I think it’s that time of the year to revisit your goals. Are you doing it? 

My goal this year is to read and read more. I’m halfway through this challenge.

Other than that, work is going great. I’m pulling through. 

The days unroll like slow summer storms, warm, damp and heavy. Life has taken that slow mode where everything seems as if it has been left on its own to survive.

Being Type A personality means I like to keep things rigidly planned and organized. I like to have a sense of direction in life. And it irks me that I’m letting things to take control now. But I have also realized that sometimes things should be left as it is. 

My dreams and aspirations in life; I have left it on its own for now. And I’m happy with it. What is yours is yours and I’m rejoicing in the ways things are. 

Of late, I’m reminded that ‘Life is one time’ and I do not want to waste it on wrath, avarice, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony. More aptly the seven deadly sins. 

I don’t want to hurt anyone. Even if somebody tries to hurt me, I want to forgive them easily. Because once done then it’s done. There’s a no re-set button to life. 

Does that mean that I’m gaining spirituality? 

Because these are the times, I feel alive, relevant and happy. 
This means that I’m a work in progress. That after a while I will learn the subtle difference between that messy pause of dream and wake. 

The irrevocable balance of life and loss. That I would be able to take off that backpack of mistakes, failures, dead-end roads and regrets off my shoulder. 
That I would be able to leave my soul ajar and let the new story unfold and if possible sing an old bollyhood song. 

Just to brighten up the mood after this serious talk, I'd like to leave you with these 60 rare photos that will destroy everything you knew about the past.
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