Saturday, June 21, 2014

Being a tourist in your own city // the weekend market

My daily commute to work takes me through the Centenary Farmer’s Market aka the weekend market. The market is open from Thursday till Sunday night. Vendors from throughout the region start arriving from Thursday and Friday morning. So if you want to get fresh produce you should head to the market on a Thursday evening. 
Even for two, I do the vegetable shopping from here. 

In my sixth year of residency in Thimphu, I have never bothered to look beyond the market towards the other side of the Wang chhu. 
Across the cantilever footbridge, known as the Kundeyling Baazam, on the west bank of Wang chhu is the collection of stalls and handicraft market. I was told it was part of the weekend market when I once visited it on a weekday. I was mildly disappointed to see no stalls in sight. 

The amusing fact in Bhutan is that we do not have proper etiquette on notice and direction. The shops may open and shut down anytime. 
For this matter, there’s no information on the name and opening hours of this market. So we call this market as the trinket market for our convenience though it houses clothing stalls at the right. 

It was a pleasant surprise to find a host of handicraft products like wooden bowls, mala beads, printing blocks, amulets, yak tails, prayer wheels and trinkets. There are some gems if you look further and up close. 

What fascinated me most was the trinkets; all looking tribal, vintage and priceless. I lamented for not visiting this market sooner when I needed the accessories. How come it skipped my attention when it was right under my nose?
And the interesting thing is we can bargain too. The prices are reasonable as well. Ahhhh-mazing!

I excitedly told my brother about the market and he was like: 

“Oh yeah, I’ve been there.” Completely taken aback, with eyes rolling I asked him, “Really? When? And why?” 

Him: “I was there to buy khuru.” 
So khurus are sold there too. I’m sure many of you especially men must have been there to buy khurus or even clothing. And for those of you like me, you can still go to buy accessories and other handicraft products. 

P.S: This market is one of the top tourist destinations in Thimphu in case you’re wondering. 

Have you been to this market? 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.
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  1. I went there the first time I went to Thimphu and bought my kira there in the market :)

    I also bought the bell and thunderbolt from the antique market in the left ^^ which I love it so much!

    1. Wow how did you know about this place in Thimphu? Intriguing...

    2. Obviously the tour guide told us about it :D

  2. Yea I went there to buy Khuru. It was funny and annoying moment for shopkeeper when everyone comes there play cymbal. They rarely buy. My friend and I were observing people. One go and play cymbal. Another come. He too play it! We were laughing.. It was fun visiting there. :D

    1. I told have been there already haha..

  3. I have been there several times before and I also tried playing cymbals as Sangay Cholden said. It was always fun visiting there. Recently I went there and bought a Bumpa and Dhapa.. BTW never knew the name of that bridge until you've brought it here. Thanks

    1. Haha see... all the men have been there. I must have been living in the rocks. Bumpa and Dhapa sounds interesting. I shall look it up next time again. :)

  4. Collect a few of these and spend some time looking through them so that you can map out each day of your


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