Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reconnecting with my village

That's indeed the long hair of my sister-in-law :)
I like to plan things.I find great pleasure in it. But it seems that certain thing happens best when unplanned. Like this trip to my maternal village, Sipsoo. 
After a stressful day at work, I was decluttering my closet at home wondering about the long weekends ahead when the thought strike me. 
The thought of traveling to Sipsoo. I do not have my grandparents though whom I would love to pay a visit now and then. 
Sometimes I wish they are still here. To see how their family had expanded over the decades, the grandchildren they have now. 
It has been more than two decades since they left. I made sure that I will visit their graves this time. 
Oh yeah, I had two grandmas married to my grandpa. They were sisters, interestingly. My uncles and aunts say that he was an authoritarian man in his yore days. 
So the next day, I hopped on the 7 am bus to Sipsoo and before long the hot and sticky weather at the border town of Jaigaon made me realize that indeed I was on my way. I had to pinch myself because I felt like I was in a spell between reality and dream. 
The never ending straight highway lay like a long stretch of rope with tea garden estates on both sides. It was spectacularly beautiful!I knew why our movie industry chose that location for filming the song scenes. 

I slide the long window panes of the bus, took out my head and hands outside. The air felt warm on my face. I loved it! 
Just as the sun was retiring behind the picturesque mountains in marmalade colors, the bus reached to the place I thought about the previous night. How one thought clicks and willpower clacks. My heart fluttered. 
The quaint sleepy town of Gola Bazaar near a small brook just before we reach my village seemed quite familiar. The brook is infamous for flash floods in peak summer and abundantly rich in fish. This is a place where my mother grew up and went to school in a little grey frock and a navy blue blazer. Those days in the south, they need not wear gho and kira to school, they say. 
Soon after I cross the little brook, lush green maize fields greeted me. I wanted to play hide and seek in the field, lie on the bundle of piled hay and watch the skies in the starry night in the balmy evening. One day I shall do it, I thought to myself because I felt that reconnection instantly. Oh did I tell you that; 
One day when I retire, I shall build a small farmhouse in this village and live here. 
My grandchildren would come and visit me and sometimes live with me. 
We shall go fishing in the brook if my health favors or walk towards the bazaar for a lil’ grocery shopping. 

I shall write a book then ‘cause in order to write about life you must live it. I would have lived aptly then.

Dare to dream. It need not have to happen.That's why we call it dreams.
Do you also have plans and dreams for your old age? Please share,I'd love to hear. 
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  1. Nice post, Rekha. No place is like home! Enjoyed reading your story of reconnecting to your home town. :)

  2. I connect to your emotions Rekha. I was at Sipsoo after almost a decade earlier this year and there's nothing like going back to one's roots, don't you agree?

    1. Oh my, you're also from Sipsoo? Wow, neighbors then we are haha...totally agree on going to one's roots. :)

  3. Thanks for taking us to your village. It's always the best of feeling to be home, the real home. The picture (2nd) got me on my knees, it's like a dream house. You should go there once too often to derive energy.

    1. The dream house is my uncle's house :). Its a beautiful house.I loved sitting on the balcony in the evening, sipping milk tea and watching the rain from the balcony. It was a feeling that could last me a lifetime.
      Now I'm planning to go there often to derive energy like you said hehe.


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