Saturday, May 31, 2014

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It was just yesterday when I went down south to my village and wrote about it in this post. That was the beginning of a new month. 

And today, it’s already the end of May. Gosh! How did May flash by this fast?

Whoooossh! It came. And went the same way. 

It’s true that time cannot be recovered after it’s gone.

For that matter, I cannot recover this very moment. This moment where I sat down to write this post plopping into my mouth the juicy plums I bought from the Paro-Thimphu highway yesterday. 

Sometimes I want to freeze those memories. Memories that are worth remembering. Because remembering it brings fondness to the heart and a smile to the face. And I freeze that in the form of pictures and blog posts. That way I can always remember the immortality of those memories.

What was I doing last year at this time of the year? The only highlight of May '13 is the time I was anticipating about the Denmark trip. Other than that nothing fascinating was up on the month of May. 

May '14. I’m where I was. The same old me. Except a year older, wiser and matured. Did time stop for me? Haha I wish so. 

The only change in me is my hairstyle. In 11 years time of growing out my hair, this angled bob hairstyle is the shortest I’ve had. 
Other than that I haven’t changed a bit. 

I’m surprised. Blown out.   
And of course proud of myself. 
Because people change. 
Things change. 

It’s even more surprising when the people you have always taken for granted change overnight. Even if people and things change and they leave, life does not stop for anybody. 
So here I plod on into the month of June. 

How was your May month?
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