Tuesday, April 29, 2014

20 blog post ideas for the uninspired

Things on this blog has been pretty quiet lately. Work has really kept me on toes, even on weekends, I've been working, gosh! I feel so burned out. 

I've been going through a lot of emotional stress lately, sometimes it gets out of hand. So where's the time and energy for the creative juices to flow? Things may be the same for some of you. As I always say, "writing is the best therapy," it helped me definitely to de stress myself in this post. It helped me remain sane and positive. 

Sometimes I run out of blog post ideas. Blog writer's block? Errr....yes! Isn't it insane to keep your crap going on in this internet?
Anyhoo, here are 20 blog post ideas to keep your creative juice flowing or to tackle your writer's block if you've been like me:

1. Review a book/product/film: Share your honest opinion to your readers. This is one of my favorites.

2. Day in the life: Write about a day in your life. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning till the time your head hit the pillow, write about it. Document it. And yeah don't forget to add photos.

3. Make a tutorial: If you're good at something, share it with your readers which would help them.

4. Start a blog series like I did in this 100 things I ❤ series.

5. Create a bucket list or a list of something.

6. Share a recent travel story.

7. Interview someone.

8. Write about your favorite blog/blogger. 

9. Revisit your old blog post with the maximum view count and write a follow up post to it.

10. Get away from the computer, away from the phone and take a stroll outside. Get inspiration from the nature to write. 

11. People watch, one of my favorite activity. Write about the humans of your place/city. 

12. Write about a DIY project. 

13.Write a letter to your 16 year old self. What advice would you give? Or a letter to someone or to some place. 

14. Your week in photos. Instagram could be the best and the easiest app to help you on this.

15. Show what's in your bag. People like to get nosy and want to have a peek inside your bag. You can have a peek inside my bag here.

16. List down 10 things that makes you happy and share it. It's a joy in itself.

17. Blogging dos or don't s.

18. Be a tourist in your own city and let the readers know about places to visit the next time they are in your city. I trust bloggers reviews more than the city maps/guides.

19. Tell us about your favorite TV show. Rant about it if you like.

20. Why you blog? 

How do you stay inspired? 

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  1. I have already tried many of them. Let me try the Interview one soon. I have invited a Bhutanese Scientist to my school this weekend. Let me interview him. And there are other interesting stuffs here which I might like to try gradually. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

    1. Wow you have achieved so much in blogging Passu Sir. Kudos!
      I would love to read the interview on your blog soon. And yeah I wish you all the best in trying out the other things gradually :).


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