Thursday, March 13, 2014

being anonymous in a city

Certain things in life are best experienced when you step out of your normal routine, out of your comfort zone. 
I had this chance to experience this when I hopped on the plane to The Netherlands. If you have been with me on this blog you will know my anticipation and my anxiousness  about this trip in this post

This is my first time to travel solo and I actually spent a few sleepless nights before the trip imagining all the things after having quite a relationship with all those Locked up abroad series. 

After being up on the air for 18 hours and another 35 minutes train ride, my biological clock was not functioning properly. I was starving at 3 am in the morning and sleepy at 12 noon. To find a cure to this  jet lag of mine, I went to the park to get some sunlight. It is said that plenty of sunlight actually helps you recover from jet lag. 

After the Bhutanese,  I think the Dutch are the kindest people I know. Everywhere you go, they are ready to help you. So it was not difficult for me to navigate my way around the city.
I spotted a park and I sat in a bench there. I love to visit parks because I can people-watch, my favorite activity.

I could lie down in the bench and feel the sun on my face. I knew no one. A complete stranger I was in the city and so was the city to me. I felt relaxed, calm and at peace. 

A great sense of freedom filled in me. Not because I didn't have freedom before but because I had nothing. Which means I had everything because I had the freedom to do anything without fear and with courage. 

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  1. Ok, firstly, I missed your earlier post. How could I? o.O
    So I went through your highlighted note to read it :D
    Then I was tucked up reading it :)
    I went to the next post, and now, I can't stop thinking about the "Locked Up Abroad" series. I am totally going to watch it. Thanks for sharing with us.
    p,s, Netherland is a beautiful place. I met a Dutch guy in here, they are really Kind and helpful. No wonder you liked them too.
    Wishing you a good weekend. Oh, before I forget, you should read, "Act like a Lady, Think like a Man" by Steve Harvey. He tells the brutal truth about how men and women are.


    1. Yes Locked up Abroad series is totally thrilling. I was hooked to it and I imagined so many things when I thought that I had to travel aloone. But it actually helps you to understand also as to what to and what NOT to do.

      I would love to read that book, Bookmarked...Thanks a lot. It sure seems interesting. I was wondering if it would be available in Thimphu.

  2. Lolll and this is the reason I don't watch Locked Up Abroad. To be honest, even if I'm a regular viewer I still don't have the courage to travel abroad by myself. Kudos to you for doing that!
    Don't forget to post about things you do in the Netherlands! ;)

    1. Thank you Zia....fortunately I survived this trip hehe...

      Well, posts on things I did in the Netherlands will be soon up on the blog. Keep checking :).


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