Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's officially spring today

Image Courtesy: My friend Sreymom Vrong


It is officially Spring today in this part of the world(referred here). It is spring and it definitely means a tribute on this blog. A tribute to rebirth, hope and renewal. 
Spring is my favorite season after Autumn (my obsessed love for autumn never cease).

Spring means:

-a time for new beginning. 
-a time to heal if you are broken emotionally, spiritually, physically.
-it means to cast off that extra layers we have been living in and flaunt in flip flops and  cute sundress. Which means it’s a freedom from dark and somber colored clothes (very typical of me).
-it means to add vibrant colors to your wardrobe and to your life. 
-a time to revisit goals and start working towards its achievement. 
-it also means to let go. 

I thought I needed a break and I was fortunate to get two weeks off from work, from this mundane life of mine and travel to Europe which was totally invigorating. This really helped me to discover and restore my inner self. 

And I’m super glad that I’m starting work on the first of spring with the renewed vigor, hope and inspiration just like the season.

What does spring mean to you?
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  1. Hey, how are you doing? Long time no see.

    The above is picture is breath taking and so refreshing. Enjoy the spring. I am enjoying the cold weather here. And thinking how will I bear the cold winter in Bhutan o.O


    1. Hi Hi, long time..I been doing good. Glad to hear from you.

      Bundle up a lot and take care.



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