Monday, February 17, 2014

This Weekend + Link Loves

Just when I was excited about the warm air just around the corner, it gets so cold and rainy in this part of the world all of a sudden.

Thimphu has been so gloomy and cold this week. Neither did it snow plenty (do we consider the frostbite on the mountains as snow?) nor did the rain stop. And yeah we didn't get snow holiday also this year. Sigh! 

Anyways, just to cheer things up, here's some interesting links from around the web that could just light up your day in this cold and gloomy weather.

2. Do you struggle to tie a scarf? Here are Three ways to tie a scarf.  

3.This realistic 10 Tips for a productive life should be practiced by everyone, I think.

4. This amazing 30 Day Photography Challenge. I'm so doing it. 

5. Envelope System for Budgeting is something I would love to work on towards maintaining/balancing my budget.

After Google reader, I've been using bloglovin', the most friendly and the coveted blog reader to follow and read awesome blogs. You can follow me here on bloglovin' 

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  1. Nice links Rekha! But I still find the scarf tying was too complicated for me Lolx! And the budgeting was too much work to do. Haha... I've my own way on managing my finance though :D

    Btw I also just joined bloglovin. Follow me too please :D My blog name: Overcome Life ( Thank you!

    1. Hahaha you are so funny. Just follow the pictorial instructions and trust me you'll get it right. Yeah you need a scarf in handy to practice instead of keeping it on mind.

      Yes the budgeting seems to much of a task, but once you're into, it ll be a lot more easier I bet. I'm poor at managing my finance, I think I will stick to this lol.

      And yeah following you right away on bloglovin'.

  2. The fifth list sounds a good link for me. I am never good at that part. hehe

  3. What's the average of temperature in Bhutan at this time of the year? Does it usually snow much? Oh by the way, the 30 Day Photo Challenge sounds interesting, I might do it ;)
    P.S. I followed you on Bloglovin' :)

    1. It's rare to get ample of snow here in Thimphu. But when it snows just a little also we get a day off. :)
      30 Day photo challenge could be a great start to experiment your new DSLR. I shall save it for mine as well, hopefully hehe....

      Thanks for following on Bloglovin'.

  4. So many things to learn from a single post. liked this post so much. Had fun trying three ways to tie a scarf :)

    1. Glad about that. Thank you.
      I hope it will be fun for you to wear a scarf now.


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