Thursday, February 6, 2014

Life Lately

Lately I have been: 

DRINKING: alot of Moconna instant coffee. I just love the invigorating aroma. 

LOVING: the clear blue skies and the warm air during the day. The arrival of spring just around the corner is comforting. 

READINGThe Husband’s Secret and Lolita. This is the first time ever that I’m reading two books simultaneously. So I’m having mixed feelings. But I’m loving The Husband’s Secret a little more. 

LISTENING: to Breakfast show on Kuzoo FM on the radio every morning while driving to office. I love the songs being requested and played. It’s amusing listening to all these conversations on air. And listening silently, you become a part of it too. 
Secretly, I love listening to the male hosts than the female. Oh don’t judge me now.

There was this particular host for the breakfast show that was supposedly to be an intern. And it was his last week on the show. A lot of callers were calling to show their love and support for him, it was so emotional. The love and support he had from the community was immensely overwhelming. It was impressive. He’s being missed definitely. 

WATCHING: Diana, a 2013 film which depicts Princess Diana's final rite of passage: a secret love affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, the human complications of which reveal the Princess's climactic days in a compelling new light. 

WEARING: self knitted beanie and a pink warm robe at home every day. I’ve been living in it literarily this winter. 

ANTICIPATING : travelling solo for the first time in 19 days time. I’ve been imagining gazillion things on my mind. What if I miss my next flight? Did I check the flight timing correctly? What if I miss the train afterwards? What if I get lost? What about the jet-lag? What will the local time be there when I reach? What if…all these thoughts are giving my little brain a headache at times. 

How’s your week rolling on? Got any tips on travelling solo, I would love to hear.
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  1. Hi Rekha, thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I think it's really awesome that you come from Bhutan! I don't know anyone from Bhutan before... Do you live there now though? I love mountains so I think it's one of the places I'd like to visit in the future!
    Regarding the movie... I never heard of him! I heard about Dodi Fayed but not this guy! Is he a new guy or something?

    1. Hi Zia, I ve been loving your blog lately :).
      And I'm glad that I'm the first person you know from Bhutan. Yes I have been born, brought up and have lived all my life here. In case you plan to visit Bhutan, I'd be more than happy to welcome you here.

      Dodi Fayed is also featured towards the end of the movie but Hasnat Khan has been there all the time. He isn't new, I guess. The film is about Princess Diana's secret affair with him.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I've been trying to get my hands on "The Husband's Secret", but someone's been hogging it at the library >.<

    1. Oh that's sad. Neither is it available in my local bookstore here. It's so hard to get books here, so I've been reading the pdf copy.

      Hope you ll enjoy the book once you lay your hands on it.

  3. Hi Rekha, I have been so busy correcting my students' assignments that I don't have the time for anything else. I finally took time out yesterday to read a book on my Kindle.

    1. I know how hectic it can be to correct student's assignments. I hope you have fun in it.
      That's a good start to reading on your kindle.

  4. That's a bunch of interesting stuffs you are doing.
    I am thinking you have already finished reading those books by now :)

    1. I didn't finish Lolita :(. It kind of got monotonous and I had a tough time to really understand the character. But I shall go into it again soon. And hope I enjoy reading it :).

  5. I wached Diana just yesterday...I wish Dodi Fayed was never in the picture..she'd have never died :(


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