Thursday, January 9, 2014

New found love – knitting and crocheting

I’ve been M.I.A from the blog land. And the reason is…my craze for knitting and crochet. Like a maniac, I’ve been knitting away late into the night spending endless hours in front of the heater watching movies or TV. Not a single moment is wasted. Oh, I’m obsessed. There, I said it! I didn’t want to feel that way ACTUALLY. 

The cold weather brings a different charm to knit altogether. There’s so much of satisfaction when you wear what you knit. Growing up, mother used to knit sweaters and socks for us during winter. We used to wear it without any appreciation. Now I understand what a tedious task it is actually. Later, as a teenager, I knitted a scarf which was worn (I think) by everyone in the household. Still today, my brother has that and wears it. That was the last time I laid my hands on a ball of yarn and needles. It was a decade ago. 

This winter is being a different one. The craft of knit and purl has returned. More and more women and girls are seen visiting the local yarn shops. Many women are sharing the same passion for knitting. 
Almost all my friends and colleagues are into the fever of knitting and crochet. If there’s one thing that is truly making us come together then it’s the love for knits and purls.
Our Knitting Project//The Infinity Scarf and Slouched Beanie//Isn't this little guy rocking in a beanie?

At home it’s the click and clack of needles. While the sister crochets I knit. Over a cup of coffee/tea with a good movie, knitting has become my favorite activity now. Well, it’s been a good start to the new year.

How has it been in your part of the world? What is your favorite activity when it is cold outside and likely to snow? 

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  1. Ohh baby beanie - so cute! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie

  2. Oh. I was just telling my friend how I dislike winter. But seeing this post changed my mind.
    Loved the infinite scarf. And the Beanie, it's too perfect :D

    1. Yes warm knits brings in lots of positivity and these are the only things I look forward to in winter actually. I've been wearing these loves every single day :).


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