Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beauty Favorites

This is the first post ever on beauty on the blog  (wink=^_^), am I nervous? Definitely YES!
I know I can never do beauty blog posts but these products have totally blown me off, so thought they deserve a dedicated post on the blog. I’m so so so in love with these products.

     1) Ponds BB+ Cream
It’s an All-in-one fairness BB cream and is available only in one shade. When Pond’s introduced the BB cream, I was ecstatic after the disappointing Garnier BB cream. Seriously who doesn’t love BB cream ladies? It blends and finishes into the skin as smooth as a silk giving a perfect radiance. And also it can be used as a eye shadow primer for your eye shadow to last longer.

I finished a tube and wanted to purchase another when I got a shock. This product is not available in any shops in Thimphu, can you believe it? I searched high and low :(. Did Pond’s stop manufacturing or is it that it ran out of stock for being too nice?
After my good feedback, my cousin went to purchase it earlier but it was sold out but NOW it’s not available. Sad sad.

I wish Thimphu come up with more good cosmetic stores. For an 18g pack it’s priced at Nu.125. 
My rating ~~4.9/5

     2) Maybelline Baby Lips Color
I love this lip balm in Berry Crush. It lasts for quite long compared to other lip balms. The smell is yummy. Compared to Mango Crush and Lolita, Berry Crush gives a light tint leaving the lips moist and supple. It’s my best friend now; I carry it with me all the time.  

Priced at Nu.150, my rating is 5/5.

     3) Vaseline total moisture
Hands up if you love Vaseline products. Who doesn’t? Young, old, kids, all love Vaseline. Ever since I remember, I have always used and loved Vaseline. 

The cocoa glow Vaseline moisture is a 24 hr nourishing lotion for soft and glowing skin for this dry and ugly winter. The skin becomes flaky and that’s when you need this heavenly smelling cocoa butter moisture.

I’m a sucker for good aroma. Believe it or not, I first bought this pack for its nice cocoa fragrance and instantly fell in love with it. It comes at a very reasonable price, Nu. 190 for 300ml. I’m sure it will last me throughout this dry winter.

    4)  Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express
I think I have found my mascara. Remember how I talked about investing in a good mascara in this post.I finally found it, Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express. 

Ever since I started using this, I’ve stopped using eye liner on my upper lash line. Just as the name is, it gives the look of false eyelashes. And yes, the brush (the most important thing) is comfortable to maneuver and gives the perfect clump of mascara as required). 
Priced at Nu. 480, my rating is 4.9/5.

So there you go, my current beauty favorites. Reasonable price and within my budget limit.I will definitely plan on purchasing it again.

What are your beauty favorites? I’d love to hear in the comments below and would love recommendations as well if there are any.  

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  1. The falsies mascara is so good! I really want to try one of the Baby Lips balms <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Yes it is.....been loving it everyday :)
      You should try the lip balm too....its nice.


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