Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 - The Year in Review

The cold wind blew. It chilled my spine. Draped in warm and fluffy scarf around the neck I rush to the rescue of the warmth in my office every morning. Sometimes I do some work, other times I attend some boring meetings, fill my note pad with graffiti to save my boredom and sip some warm tea and at times I just stare blankly at the computer before me and pass the day. My days are filled with mundane tasks like these. 

It feels just like yesterday when I opened a blank Microsoft word page and started rambling about the year that was in this post. Since then I expected some grand changes to take place in my life in these past 365 days that will complete tommorrow. 

However, nothing odd and exciting seems to have taken place. I’m just the same old me. I travel the same stretch of road to reach work, see the same set of people every day, have sat in the same old brown/black chair eight hours a day and done the same job for the past three years. I’ve never taken a vacation. In fact my life has been like this; school--->College---->a year of working--->Post Graduate--->working at present. God, seriously I’ve never had a break in my life till now. 

Have I grown wiser? Umnn…I think so…but I’m not sure. Have I grown older? Definitely Yes. Yet life has remained as it is. Nonetheless, I feel blessed in this mundane life of mine. I try to find beauty in these little things and I thank the Gold Almighty for a wonderful life. Even if my life in the year 2013 isn’t exciting, let’s review it in pictures. Yay! 

JANUARY : January saw the first snowfall in Thimphu. I wish for knee-deep snowfall at this time of the year.

FEBRUARY: Finally a place where we can call home could be accomplished. Every morning I wake up to see this gorgeous morning sunrise view from my window.

MARCH:The weather had started to warm up in Thimphu by then, so a stroll in the Centenary Park was the perfect way to bask in the warm sun. The gorgeous snow-capped mountains at the back are breathtakingly beautiful. 

APRIL:The season of hope and renewal, April brought in fresh blooms. I captured this beautiful peach blossoms in Kyichu Lhakhang in Paro. This picture also got a place in a frame on the wall of my house.

MAY: My love for nail paint and nail art must have been at its peak. Like a maniac, I was painting and doing nail art frantically. 

JUNE: I had the opportunity to be a part of the delegate for a visit to the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark in June. Loved every bit of it.

JULY: We went camping. Read the funny story here.

AUGUST: It rained incessantly in August. So it was the time for watching raindrops on the glass of a window and reading in bed. Bliss!

SEPTEMBER: Reading continued. A good deal of time was spent on reading this month which means I also drank a great amount of tea. I read The Fault in Our Stars, The Book Thief and The Kafka on the Shore. I've mentioned many a times about the books here in the blog. You can also find the reviews here.
Via Pinterest (Source unknown)
OCTOBER: My birth month. This letter to my 27 year old self  sums up everything.

NOVEMBER: Mother had her surgery successful. Yet again I contemplated on life in this post

DECEMBER: Ushered in the season of holidays and visiting family and friends. On the right is my friend's cute little son. Since selfies are official now, here's a selfie of me wishing you a happy new year 2014. Have a blessed year.
I'm always thankful to the Lord Almighty for this glorious life and a blessed year 2013.

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  1. Ohh I loved looking through these photographs! I hope next year is even more amazing for you <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Thank you Jennie! Fingers crossed for the next year to be even amazing.
      Happy New Year to you!

  2. A nice account of the year 2013 is maintained. Cheers. happy new year 2014. God bless you the same.

    1. Thank you, Yes I love to document life in pictures and in words. There's so much of happiness in it.
      Happy New Year, Cheers

  3. Had a nice yr 2013 reading so many blogs. Your blog is one of my favorite.Enjoyed going through ur write ups and viewing ur beautiful pictures. Keep posting . Happy new yr .

    1. Happy to know that my blog is on your favorite list. It means so much to me. Keep visiting.
      A happy new year to you, cheers!


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