Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Last of Fall

Mellowed yellowish and orange leaves covered the ground making the earth a mustard floor. It swiftly blows away as the crisp autumn wind gushes. Everywhere you look; it’s the leaves falling to the ground. Thus, today, it officially marks the end of fall.

Long, cold and dreadful winter awaits now. Duvet days are definitely in. In this weather, I simply love to indulge in watching movies in bed or drinking steaming tea and reading or blogging by the fireplace.
What would be your simple delights? 

 Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Beautiful Autumn! Loved the snap shots.
    If I was in Bhutan, I would definitely want to be nearby fireplace with my friends and gossip and just gossip. If only I had all the time for that. Dang it! I miss my friends.
    As of now, the summer is broiling in here and I am under the pleasure of fan...soon expecting a little cold evening towards the weekends... :D
    Have a nice Weekdays ahead!!!

    1. Thank you Yeesi for the lovely comment as always :).

      Gossip is so much fun...but as we grow older we tend to gossip less cuz all the frens are busy being mommies now (as in my case :P).

      Enjoy the summer down under, I miss being in a little dress and flip flops, summer seems so far here now. Sigh!
      Hope you had a lovely weekend.


  2. My delights same as yours, Rekha... lovely pics

    1. Thank you....glad to know that we have the same delights...nothing beats it. :)


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