Sunday, November 17, 2013

5 reasons why I can never be a fashion blogger

I have often wondered how all those fashion bloggers manage to look so chic and perfect in their outfit photos. The poses they do to make the photo so appealing effortlessly and of course the outfit. I know this is simply not my thing. I’m more of a PJ and a sweatshirt person. I’m most at ease when I’m in them. That’s why here are the FIVE reasons I can never master the art of being a fashion blogger. 

1. I’m not a great poser: I just don’t know how to pose like a pro or look cute at least. In all my photos, my head is always tilted to the left; it goes off automatically as if I’m programmed to do that. Call this my signature pose. The HAND; 95% of the time I’m not sure where to place it and I tend to place it at the wrong place all the time. The picture below is the testimony. 
1.The Signature pose, head always tilted to the left. 2. Same Cardigan in the first and second pic 3. Check out the cross legged pose 4. The hairstyle

2. I’m not a fashionista : Apart from the traditional dress for work, 90% of the time, I will be wearing the same outfit over and over again. I’ll be droning the same outfit; Jeans, a top and of course the cardigan with a pair of loafers. Even if the weather gets too cold, I’ll be layering up ultimately with the cardigan. I buy clothes, shoes, bags and makeup but wear the same cardigan and carry the same bag, wear the same shoes until it breaks or wear the same scarf over and over again. Grrr…I’m this plain boring and lazy. 

3. The same old hairstyle: My hair is not exciting. I never try to experiment my hair (again laziness it could be or I dare not to look outrageous). It’s the same old left parting. Wash, blow-dry (sometimes), comb, let loose and go- that’s the only routine my hair have gone through for the past 27 years. 

4. My life is monotonous: My life lies on the 7 km road stretch between home and office so I land up wearing the same outfit again and again. Apart from the little grocery and vegetable shopping I do while returning from work, I do not meet many people. So neither is my life interesting to plan outfits.

5. My color palette is black or dull: I feel like I’m screaming if I wear pops of neon. So 95% of my closet is filled with either black or grey or dull colors. But, I’m learning to incorporate other shades.

So,do you also have reservations to become a fashion blogger like me?

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  1. ha-ha very interesting. Anyway, you look not bad with your signature pose...

  2. May be you should try a new hairstyle very soon. It is fun.


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