Saturday, October 5, 2013

A letter to my 27 year old self

As I turn 27 today, I look back and realize that I’ve lived aptly. But there are things I need to be reminded of, to be happy and grateful for. If ever there’s a letter I want to be comforted of, I’d write this to myself. 

Dear 27 year old me,

Congratulations on living 26 years of your time on earth!

It feels like yesterday when you were in high school as a teenager and then into college and finishing your assignments and passing exams were the only worries you lived for. So much has changed since then. 

Post college, you took up the job of teaching for a year, left it knowing that it was never meant for you, studied for another year and landed into a steady job. And it has been three years now and life…it has come to a complete standstill for you. 

There is one thing I want to tell you. Stop wasting your precious time on Facebook. I know Facebook makes you sad because it’s the happy place for people to show off their wedding, babies, new cars and houses etc etc. I want to tell you that everything has its time. 
There will come a time for you too. So just have patience. Focus on what makes you happy at the end of the day today.

Sometimes pause for a while. Pause... Give yourself a break. Stop…think…Don’t believe that you’re having a quarter life crisis. Step out and treat yourself. Leave your work or that book/series you are currently hooked to for a while and treat yourself to a little adventure. Go out, meet friends and family and talk, laugh and share that little stupid thought running in your little brain. 

It’s okay to say sorry even if it is not your fault. Learning to say sorry first never hurts. Forgive those who misunderstand and hurt you. There is divinity in that. 

Making mistakes is perfectly normal; after all you’re a human. Don’t be filled with remorse at your mistakes. Remember, mistakes strengthen and help you emerge a winner like a phoenix. Learn to accept others' mistake as well. 

Remember failure is the pillar to success. So what if you don’t succeed this time? There’s always a second time. Be glad for second chances in life. And keep your fingers crossed for that second chance to happen.

Blogging is one of the best things that you did to kindle your love for writing and reading. It’s that little space on the whole wide web where you can be who you are and express yourself the most. So keep it up! 

Letting go: It’s beyond human powers to control what is not yours so there is no reason for you to cling unto the past. Some memories are too brutal and painful to be worth holding unto. Therefore, things must be set free if it’s not worth clinging unto.

Last year on my birthday month I came up with this post. 

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday maim... indeed a wonderful letter to self and it is great in it that you are conscious

  2. Happy birth day ma'am; felt like the letter was to me!

  3. Beautiful..i mean the girl in the pic..:P

    1. Its a compliment, so I take it with grace, Thank you Sogyel.

  4. Nice one Ms. Rekha. That's the sweetest words you can put out for yourself.
    ps Happy Belated Birthday! Wishing you the love and life you deserve and even more.



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