Sunday, October 13, 2013

100 Things I ❤ - Part Eight

#71 Thimphu

#72 Setting goals and working towards it

#73 Reading on a rainy day

#74 Investing in a good mascara

#75  Green Tea

#76 Vintage Shop

#77 Color of sea because it's neither green nor blue

#78 Blogging

# 79 Messy hair bun

#80 Nicholas Spark's Movies

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  1. Interesting!
    This morning, I was thinking of spending a good amount of money to buy the Mascara ;)

    1. I hope you invested in a good mascara. I did on a Maybelline Volume Express Mascara like the one in the pic above and totally loving it. Volume Express for my nearly barren eyelash :(. Sigh!

  2. I love thee posts! Whenever I wake up and I lay I bed and bear it's really raining outside, I get a little gleeful as it's obviously meant to be a reading and blogging day!

    Jenni x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes

    1. Thank you Jenni.

      Lately it has been raining here continously in Bhutan, the effects of Phailin cylcone in India and my love for reading has escalated with blogging of course.


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