Monday, September 9, 2013

What is your Personality Type?

Day Five of Blogtember challenge and I took the Jung Typology test to check my personality and here are my scores. 

I'm INFJ type, meaning I have the following scores of personality:
1. 44% Introvert
2. 12 % Intuitive
3. 12 % Feeling, and
4. 44% of Judging

God! I cannot believe that I'm more of a introvert with a judging nature. I'm JUDGEMENTAL. It could be right, Nooooo.....this is not hahaha.

And see whom do I share my personality with, of course the famous personalitites. 

Hmn....Not bad. Well if you would like to know your personality, try the link I mentioned above. This test promises to help you discover your careers and occupations most suitable for your personality and also it helps you assess your compatibility with your long term romantic partner (that's what it makes us believe). So go ahead and know your personality. Don't forget to let me know what your personality is...incase I need to deal with you :P.  

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  1. I remember we did this in uni during mba. :) :)


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