Thursday, September 12, 2013

100 Things I ❤ - Part Five

So this series is getting pretty exciting for me. It has helped me alot to stay positive. It has helped me to reflect on the little things in life and made me realise how little are the things in life that inspires us and make us happy. If you are new here you can read 100 Things I ❤  and check out the rest or else join me along. 
#38 Nuts: Its unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients reduces the risk of developing blood clots that can cause a fatal heart attack. It's easy to store and easy to take with me to work. I can really eat nuts. Thus, Nuts and my heart =:)

#39 Avocado: Just like nuts, avocados are my favorites and has great health benefits. Starting from anti-aging to anti-inflammatory, digestion, pregnancy, blood pressure, it has all the health benefits. But I've only come across wild avocados in the Farmer's market in Thimphu. During its peak season, my family consume some few kilograms in one go, imagine...

#40 Bows makes me go weak at knees for its cuteness and beauty

#41 Boots: This is an early tribute to the chilly winters that are soon approaching. As much as I dread winter I love the comfort of a pair of warm boots.
#42 Scarves : Another must-have in your closet for the winter

#43 Warm Bubble bath : What could be more relaxing to soak in warm bubble bath at the end of a tiring day.

#44 Make ups 

#45 Cup cakes: Another guilty pleasure 
#46 Coca-Cola : My obsession for this drink has landed its picture on the blog

#47 Quotes from the Bible

#48 Sleep : I need a minimum of 8 hours sleep, or else I may not function properly.

#49 Good hair days

#50 : This series would not have seen the light of the day had it not been for this site. So I ❤ and my obsession continues.

 Its already Saturday, so happy weekneds and Tshechu holidays.

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  1. I share your liking for boots & scarves. Totally a must have in the closet!

  2. Once I went to a freind of mine's house and saw one corner of a room filled with different shoes and boots (almost like a Shop!), that was when i realized how much women love shoes and boots1..:)

    1. Hahaha...There is something about women and shoes you know :P

    2. Perhaps a very good way of spending month long salary!...:)/...(kidding)

  3. Great Rekha. You are still continuing. Admirable determination. I might be dropped dead by now! Keep it up. Enjoy the break!

  4. I really want to have a good hair day.
    My comb won't reach till the end. It gets stuck in the middle and I let it be.

  5. is such a treasure trove, isn't it!


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