Saturday, September 7, 2013

100 Things I ❤ Part Four

I know this post was supposed to be up on Friday, I'm such a sucker:(. For the 4th episode of Things I ❤ series, it will be a little different. I'll be diverting from my usual posts. Instead, it will be on the ten seven different blogs I have recently discovered and been drooling over.   

Caution: Are you a big blog reader? If yes, get on board with me or you can consider these as weekend readings. 

#31 Living in Another Language 
The beautiful Amanda is the amazing woman behind this blog. A ESL Teacher living in South Korea with her husband, she blogs about her daily experiences in a Asian country and shares funny and interesting finds about the Koreans. We are such huge fans of Korean Drama and everything about S. Korea intrigues us, so I thought she might be of interest to you guys. Can you imagine that she don't use shampoo on her hair yet she has the most beautiful locks I've ever seen. I found this rather weird, I mean your hair without a shampoo? Its equal to not washing it, especially my hair, it becomes an oilfield if I don't wash it every alternate day. However, you can learn the tricks to her beautiful hair in this post.

#32 Cider with Rosie
Rosie is a recent graduate and lives in a small village in Surrey, England with her boyfriend and a cocker spaniel pup Teddy. Her 10 things that've made me happy posts initially attracted me to her blog and it's amazing how she brings tremendous joys from little things in life. I love her awesome photographs.

#33 The Life of Bon
Another English teacher, Bonnie documents her thoughts about life. I just discovered this awesome blog yesterday and I was laughing out Loud when I read this post of The day I stole underwear. Trust me you will enjoy it too. On a serious note, she has great tips on blogging here and here. I hope this will be helpful to people like us. 

#34 Story of My Life 
Want to learn some awesome photography tips? This is the ultimate blog for you then. Jenni from Austin initiated the Blog Every Day in May Challenge and currently we are underway in this blogtember Challenge and loving its every aspect. If you are a newbie blogger you can find very helpful blogging tips.

#35 From Down Under To The Top of The World 
Andrea, an Australian teacher in Chumey, Bumthang Bhutan, she documents her everyday life during her one year stay in Bhutan. Ten things I love about our life in Bhutan... and what I miss about Australia and her  Photo a day Challenge are some of the posts I enjoyed. If you want to learn a chilip's (Foreigner) perspectives on Bhutan, this is the blog, you need not go down further. While she is here, we hope to hear more about her thoughts on Bhutan. 

#36 Paper Planes 
Alana, a twenty something share tips, stories, places or activities on Changmai, Thailand. I'm one person who is fascinated to live in Thailand. I find the Teaching in Thailand program between RGoB and Thai Government a good initiative. Had I not been employed, I'd have loved to take up this teaching job in Thailand. If you are wondering How much does it cost to live in Thailand?, then Alana has the answers. Head over to her blog to know facts like What You Don’t Know About Thailand  and Chiang Mai’s Dirty Little Secret.

#37 Under the Sycamore
Are you bored on weekends or you have simply nothing to do? Ashley has interesting DIYs and craft projects here for you.
A mother to 3 boys and 2 girls, she comes up with amazing craft projects and I like it how they build a little coop. She is full of inspiration and to be a would-be mother or a parent for that matter, I think this is the ultimate blog. She also shares easy and amazing photography skills and her photos are so beautiful. While on the blog, don't forget to read her moving adoption journey. This journey really moved me and I have so much of respect for her to have brought a difference to the world.

So this is it, your weekend snippets. Happy reading and a happy weekend. 100 things I ❤ series will be up next Friday, I promise. Of course it will start from number 38 :).

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  1. How lovely! I'm looking forward to having a read of all these blogs, they are all new to me :) Thanks for sharing Rekha xoxox

  2. Thanks Rekha ma'am for sharing such wonderful blogs- A perfect weekend pie!...

  3. Interesting!
    But I will stick to the earlier one :)

    1. sure can do, I also need to get back to it soonish. Hope your's is coming up well, I look forward to reading it :)

      In the mean time, you can also check the above lovies' blogs.


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