Monday, September 16, 2013

Dear Olakha : A Love Letter

 Dear Olakha,
I don’t know the reasons why but I always keep coming back to you. Perhaps, your forgiving nature could be the reason. For once I thought I had forever said goodbye to you on that fateful December afternoon but how totally wrong I was. I could stay away from you for just a year. That was the darkest hours of my life. Honestly, it was also the longest year of my life.

I kept thinking of you. Seeing you from my windows at Changzamtog was way too much of a pain to bear. I was on my own for the first time without you. 
For the thousandth time, I wanted to see you and embrace you tightly in my arms.
From my windows in Changzamtog, I used to look towards you at the far end of the mountains

Though you were too far from my office, I loved to drive the express highway just to be with you. The thought of being with you brought a beautiful smile to me while I was returning home to you from work. 

The chaotic and busy construction you were undergoing distressed me at times when the rain used to last for days. Yet the thought of “this too shall pass” brought me smiles and cheered me up. When at times, the weather was gloomy and cruel your soft streetlights in the winding road absorbed and comforted me and gave me the strength to look forward to a new day in life. You’re truly wonderful. 

The incessant construction of concrete buildings made you tired and ugly. It made the roads and footpaths too messy and once your beautiful appearance was marred completely. Overnight you grew a hundred years old and became sick and haggard. It saddened me deeply to see you in this condition. I waited patiently for this phase of yours to pass but it never happened. It was a far cry. 

Frankly, I loathed you.

My eyes wandered and I was smitten by Changzamtog, the attractive place on the block. It was the most accessible place from every nook and corner of the city. Lured by it, I forgot to give a second thought about you and was swayed into its bosom only to be betrayed. Alas! I had the worst time at my new place when troubled with severe shortage of water facility.

The mother of life itself-water! When it was deprived what’s there to remain? I was shattered. I felt cheated. My time in this new place became a nightmare. I could no longer look at it like I used to before. With no options available, I lived there for another year, struggling harder in life than ever before. 

I tried to search for you in Babesa, Taba, Motithang, Kawajangsa…yet none of it could replace you. You’re that extraordinary to me. I missed you way too much. The pain was nearly impossible to bear. I was not ready to let you go. 
Another December went by. I thought I could no longer bear the pain; I finally mustered up my courage and decided that no matter what, no matter what the world say, I’m going to be that knight in shining armor. Thus, like a gladiator, I galloped down towards you and found you again with your arms wide open. 

Oh what I did in my previous life to have been forgiven easily by you, I thought.

I had abandoned you and I’m extremely sorry. The welling tears in your eyes and your bosom open as wide as the vast ocean was enough to let me know that no matter what you’re always there for me. I’m here now and will stay forever…

Your’s truly,


You can find my soft spot for Olakha here.

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  1. Such a beautiful thought on Olakha. I stay in Olakha too. I miss home now.


    1. Thank you Yeshi.

      My apologies for making you miss your home...
      Neighbors we are then hehe..Cheers!

  2. What a beautiful love letter! I loved your line, "Overnight you grew a hundred years old and became sick and haggard." I live in Changjiji and I have been watching my neighbor grow old and haggard overnight. Hope things settle down fast and beauty is restored for Olakha.....keep writing..

    1. Thank you Tempa. Like you, I wish for things to settle down soon in Olakha.

  3. Wonderful post...Keep going..Nice reading...


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