Saturday, August 24, 2013

What’s In My Bag?

Ever wondered what’s in a woman’s bag? Why do women need so much stuff, what’s really inside their bag? For a woman, carrying a bag is a whole world on the shoulder, at least for me. I’ve everything I need inside my bag. A quick peek inside my bag and here’s what I carry.

1. Purse: Most important component of the bag, it’s where I carry my Identity
        Card, Driver’s license, ATM card, important visiting cards, few pictures and
        some cash. 

2. Umbrella: My faithful friend in this weather 
     3. Sunnies 

4. A notepad: I can make some quick notes and jot down blog post ideas as and when inspiration strike me 

     5. Make up pouch: Another whole world lies there 

     6.A book to save me from extreme boredom, my current read is A Tale of Two Cities, I’ve just begun and I hope I’ll enjoy this book. 

    7.Zuci, hand sanitizer

Aside from these, I tend to carry some light snacks and a bottle of water in my bag. I know I know it’s too much for my poor little bag yet can’t help it. So you see there is a whole world inside my bag. 

What’s it like inside your bag?

1 comment:

  1. yeah. Totally. A must-have inside women's bag :)
    In btw, the book, Tale of two cities by Dickens is Awesome.
    Happy Reading! :)


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