Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Musings of a rainy day

Lately Thimphu is experiencing quite an erratic weather. The sun is blazing hot in the morning and gets you in the mood for a cool, light and a comfy kira and a tego. Just as you step out of the house humming to a sunny day, the dark and cumulus clouds appear out of nowhere and start hovering. Within few minutes it starts pouring down without a warning. 

If one is not armed with an umbrella then you never know. You can be drenched in rain anywhere and look like raccoons when your perfectly clad mascara runs down the face. That is if you are not wearing water-proof mascara, if you are then it saves you to some extent (not entirely though) from looking like a racoon (How is your mental picture on this?) lol. 

Oh this rain, why art thou so fiddle-minded? Often I have my faithful friend, my umbrella to shield me from the rain and the cold afterwards. Without my faithful friend I can’t step out of the house at all and I see every Thimphuite doing this now. We can never trust the weather here.

Speaking evil of the rainfall, yet I have developed a love-hate relationship with the rain now and I kind of like it. There was this time long ago when I used to hate rainfall. The dreadful thought of the rain made me messy and I used to avoid stepping out in the rain. I have overcome that now. I love the sound of the raindrops on the rooftop. It revives a lost magical spirit in me. What is that lost magical spirit? I have no exact definition to it.

The rainfall on the rooftop lulls me to a perfect deep sleep. Or it makes me in the mood to read a good book with a cup of steaming coffee. Or watch some nice movies in bed which I have been doing. I finished Carrie Diaries, an American teen drama and a prequel to sex and the city. I have been hooked to it and can’t wait for the second season scheduled to be released in October only.

Or it arouses the writer spirit in me, like this one. When it rains I like to muse about it. And this rain has definitely proven to help me emerge out of my writing hiatus.                                                                            
The smell of the fresh earth after a good rainfall excites me. The freshness it leaves on the surface of the earth rejuvenate the inner passion in me and I feel like a newborn, innocent and ready to splurge on the voyage of life’s new chapter, a new beginning altogether. Perhaps this is the lost magical spirit in me, I’m not sure though. 

Just as it came with its season, rainfall will go away soon. It breaks my heart. Ah!  I hate goodbyes. But I have autumn to look forward to :). Autumn makes me jovial and melancholic sometimes. An entire post dedicated to autumn is here. I have an undying love for autumn.

I’m a no poet here but I tend to take the weather personally. Do you also do the same or it does not bother you? be it rain or shine, cold or warm.  


  1. Yeah Definitely! I take it too personally. Whenever it rains, I feel like it is describing my low-down moments and the emotion comes out all over. Sometimes, I find it so hard to deal with it. The rainfall also drives me to sip in hot coffee and just lay on my bed like you do.
    Great Post
    Let the Autumn muse you even more :)

    1. Coffee, rainfall and books- I'm having endless sessions with these babies at the moment and so in love with it :D

      Autumn~~~so looking forward to it!

  2. Hi Rekha! Sorry it has taken me so long to read your blog - internet out in Chumey is terrible! I can really relate to your post about the weather - it is like that everyday here, you can't trust that the beautiful sun in the morning will last the day. I've lost my umbrella from carrying it about when not needed. I look forward to read more of your musings :)

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your umbrella...Its a holy grail in this weather, I hope you have bought yourself a nice new one:). Even I tend to loose mine ALL.THE.TIME.

  3. Nice post, Rekha. I too like rain but not when it rains cats and dogs. lol. I worry about my parents back at home. It's difficult to work in the rain. And I like Autumn. But I don't want to think about what comes after it, especially in places like Thimphu. I hate when the climate turns too cold. Literally, one is crippled by the cold and I get a feeling that days become unproductive and people less active when it is very cold.

    1. Thank you Langa! I can totally understand your worry for your parents back at home. Torrential rainfall can be a curse to the village folks. And I agree to what you have to say about the winter...Lets hope winter come very late this year hehe...

      It's so considerate of you to leave your link here, I shall definitely get back at ya.

  4. Oh my link here since you have asked the commentators to leave it here. lol.

  5. Enjoy the rain, the August and September will have even more, so more muse


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