Thursday, August 22, 2013

100 things I ❤- Part Two

I was quite looking forward to this second series 'cause I was excited after the first one. If you are new here, here is a quick link to  100 things I Part 1. I've just started, so if you guys are interested you can join me in this challenge. 
Just make a list of 100 things you heart and post it up as and when you like. You'll be amazed to see your list. It has helped me stay positive and I'm surprised at my list. It's amazing how I heart little things in life and those little things have surprisingly made a positive impact on me and has helped me remain focused.

So without further ado, here are another of my 10 lists that I heart. 

#11 To feel the air in my hair :)

#12 The Smell of books before reading them


#13 Google Search: Sometimes I wonder what would I do without "Uncle 

 #14 Granola bar

#15 Cassy's Pop Pilates: Seriously her workout leaves me sore but I heart it. Check out her blog for workout videos, fitness, clean and healthy eating.

#16 Polka Dots 

#17 Holding hands 

#18 Giving Gifts: As much as I love receiving gifts, I heart giving to others.

#19 Morning Mist

#20 Picket fence : There's something about it that intrigues me.

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  1. Wonderful.
    Today is Friday and I can't wait to explore what I like :)


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