Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Denmark Diary

It has been four days in Copenhagen after the tiring 12 hours (approx.) journey from Bangkok. Since then, I have been Alice in Wonderland. The rickety historic centre, maze of cobbled streets and ancient churches, palaces and government buildings, alongside brave and striking modern interjections such as the ferociously angled extension to the Royal Library (Black Diamond) are gloriously attractive in Denmark.

Its 9:22 pm at night now and the sun hasn't set yet, today's forecast says that it will set at 9:47 tonight, so I still have 25 minutes for the sun to set as I write this. Interestingly, 30 before 30 list to watch sunset for a week will be checked off soon while I'm in Copenhagen this entire week. Yay! 
Since Mr. sun sets weirdly late here, my sleep timing has been affected badly, I've not been able to get proper sleep. 

Danish are bike-maniacs. It’s truly the most bike-friendly city in the world. Every hotel and restaurants you go to encourages the use of bike. Every one of them are seen cycling either to work or I have no idea where they are going, God knows alone. 

Castles and churches are another things that has never failed to amaze me. We went to Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, 45 km north of Copenhagen. Immortalized as Elsinore in Shakespeare's play Hamlet, Kronborg is one of the most important Renaissance castles in northern Europe. Every year Hamlet is played here in the castle's courtyard. How amazing would it be to witness that from the castle's courtyard. My imagination turned real after having read all those Shakespeare's plays and the classic stories. And the stories of the warriors, the kings and the paupers were so amazing to hear from the guide. Denmark has a rich history of its kings and the queens and their castles. 

Kronborg Castle

Also Sweden is seen from the Kronborg castle at the other end of the sea (as seen in the last pic). It takes 45 minutes by train and just 20 minutes by ferry to travel to Sweden. 

I haven't come out of the wonderland, sadly I have just two days to be in this wonderland for my time to turn to pumpkin eep.... 
Till then, I will come up with the second part of Denmark Diary with more beautiful pictures. 

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