Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I do

Work has been really stressful these days. I have stopped enjoying my work :(. Have anyone of you felt that way ever about your job? I seriously hope it isn’t “just me” feeling that way. Every morning I dread going to work, it’s like skipping the morning jog while in boarding school. I used to hide in the toilet to skip morning jog in school (that naughty I was in school can you imagine? :P). 

Just to take my mind off the stressful work I have been indulging in a lot of activities at home over the weekends. I love to stay at home and these days my love to stay at home has been ever scaling. I’m a home bird and I just love it! :).  

1. I have wanted to paint my old table ever since my parents passed it to me. Finally I could buy paint, a paint brush and sand paper and get the work started and here it is, drying outside in the balcony so gracefully before it comes to be my bedside table. Actually I wanted to paint it in golden color but no stores were selling that color :(.

    2. Cousin and I sat together over some cups of hot tea on Sunday evening and did DIY coasters for our coffee table. Oops!I completely forgot to take pictures of the DIY step by step, I remembered only the finished products, so here it is! We finished the DIY with a Korean romantic movie, Always. Loved the movie for its subtlety. 


3.I hosted dinner for an uncle, aunt and their three boys. It felt great to be the host :). And also we have had 2 aunts as guests at our place. All these makes me feel a total grown up and I love the feeling :). 
4.With a brood of movie buffs at home, we have been watching endless movies at home every evening from thriller to romance to action, name it. 
5.And yes, I have been reading Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham and loving it endlessly. A must read for any person interested in reading books in the English language. I would like to thank 'my friend' for introducing me to the book.

All these things make me happy and how I wish to stay at home and enjoy doing these things every day, it would be like Eat, Pray and Love as in the words of Elizabeth Gilbert. But I know these would soon tire me. Haish…life! 

Also I have always wanted to read and read and read, wanted to know what true sadness is and letting go altogether.
This post is part of my challenge Blog everyday in May from Jenni@Story of My Life. I know I’m late by a week, wish I had known her blog earlier. Also I know that I would not be able to blog every topic she has listed but I will take it a challenge to blog every day.

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