Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Person, place, things, time, ah I miss everything in life. This space would not be enough if I have to list down the things I miss. 

But most importantly, I miss being myself. I’m that person who loves spending time on my own. I love to wake up at my own leisure in the morning, have a good cup of tea and laze around the house at my own sweet time, eat, read my favorite book and sleep whenever I feel like. 
However, growing up and being an adult has deprived me of being myself. Being an adult, an elder sister to a brother and a sister now in the household, I feel like a keeper. Working and earning to keep my hearth burning makes me miss all those good old days as a child where sorrows, frets and worries were the last thing on my mind.  

I miss my first day at school, how my mom clad me perfectly in a beautiful kira and a matching tego and wonju and my dad took me to school saying that I will make lots of friends and eat lollipop every single day. 

I miss my high school days at cold Jaker. Those cold days where I just had to worry about my studies; worry about looking good in front of the boys, worry about not being able to dance well in the school concert. 

I miss my college days. I miss going on long winding walks at Khangma in Kanglung, miss those small brooks which drew us towards the countryside, miss plucking those wild berries. The marmalade sunsets setting slowly over the horizon lured us. 

I miss the vast library in the college and how I used to emerge myself in those volumes of books and get lost behind them on lazy afternoons. Those were the days; I assume I was on the voyage of exploring the beauty of the world. 

I miss my friends. I miss those sleepovers and all those late night talks sharing every secret you have without the fear of being judged. Friends who used to be there always, now that we are so busy in our life, we hardly get to talk to each other also. 

I will miss this moment too, sipping green tea and blogging away the things, places and people I miss. I’m a nostalgic person, you know. :). 

What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)


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