Monday, April 8, 2013

Blogging thus far

Often I think I am fairly new to blogging when I look at the number of posts I have done thus far. But it has been two years since I started this blog.  

So, if asked “what do you blog on?” I swear I would turn beetroot in embarrassment because there is no specific topic I blog on. If you read my posts, you will find that there isn’t a specific topic of my focus. In fact it’s merely the hodgepodge and mundane things I am related to. Thus, the blog name i Relate To That.   

So you may ask “why the pain of maintaining a blog then?”
   1) I started blogging to rekindle my love for writing (as if I was a writer then *laughs*). Whatever little I knew to write, I wanted to keep the passion alive and write for others and for myself to read. I tell you, writing isn’t any one's cup of tea. It involves a great deal of thought-processing for me, and it literarily bogs me down. I wonder how writers keep their writing-hearth burning. 

    2) I started writing to vent out my thoughts and opinions. Blogging to me is an escape from the distress of everyday life. I’m never at that elated height of happiness whenever I’m done with a post. The act of hitting “Publish” button is as simple as it seems but the sensation of its accomplishment is great. Do you also feel the same? To increase my happiness level, I should write more and more and empower myself… (hmnnn...a note to self). 

   3) To connect with like-mind. Blogging brings like-minded people together. Starting this blog has helped me find birds of my own feather and apart from my work and other things I spend a major part of my time on reading other’s blogs. The times I’m not blogging, I’m busy reading your blogs even if I don’t leave comments. Reading indeed is the most delightful habit.  

Blogging has revealed the whole wide world in upside down to me. Oh talking of upside down, have you watched the movie Upside Down, a 2012 sci fi romance by Juan Solanas. It’s worth the 100 minutes of your life. 

The connection I have been able to garner through blogosphere is tremendously great. It has been able to connect me to people from all over the world, learn everything about anything. And I hope to continue this with new wonders and excitement until my 3rd anniversary of blogging. 

How have your journey into blogosphere been thus far? 


  1. Congratulation, and happy blog anniversary. You have been a constant supporter to my blogging passion through the years...

  2. congrats! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  3. Happy 2nd blog anniversary, Rekha. It was nice reading the reason why you maintain a blog. keep blogging. I too have met a lot of like-mined friends through blogging. :)

  4. Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary!
    I am glad you are blogging and I get to read those amazing stories here :)

  5. Thank you everyone, you all have been too kind to me :)


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