Saturday, January 19, 2013

When it begins to snow...

The sky with the feathery clouds, Link
While on the way back home from office yesterday, the sky over Thimphu valley was unusually different. Light feathery clouds filled the blue sky and it was so warm with abundant clean air to breathe in.
My heart felt gay! I breathed in as much of air as i could and still with the radiator off in my car, I felt so sleepy to drive that 3 km road to home. It was unusual of me to feel that sleepy, I thought to myself and drove on.  

Later that night, towards the dawn, I heard soft pitter-patter sound on my window shields. It was the sound of the rain on my window. Again I thought it was unusual to rain at this time of the year. Little did I realize Mother Nature’s signs. For some unknown reasons, I have always loved the sound of the rain on the window shields. It brings in me immense tranquility and happiness. I feel at peace and my favorite activity on a rainy day is to read in bed and doze off. 
I have even recorded the sound of rainfall pelting on the window shields and whenever I have difficulty in sleeping I listen to that record and doze off. I know it’s such a weird habit: P. 

Surprisingly I woke up to an ambiance of complete white flakes this morning. I drew over the curtains and rubbed my eyes not once but twice in complete disbelief. It was nature's white dressing. It was snowing! What a wonderful morning to wake up to a valley in white. I looked up and saw soft snow flakes landing softly on the ground. It looked like some awesome subtle dressing on a wedding cake. :).  My heart fluttered, it knew no bounds. This must be the most beautiful morning so far in 2013 for me. Otherwise my mornings would normally be the most gruesome hour of the day when I have to leave the warmth and comfort of my bed to get ready for office. 

To top it all, it’s a day off from work. Yay! This must be my heights of happiness! I need not worry about whether I should call friends or colleagues at work to check whether it really is a day off at work or not. Government offices remains closed on the day of the first snowfall in Bhutan. My brother who works in the hospital had to confirm his day off again and again and finally he had to go to work. Sad for him lol. 

It snowed for some 30 minutes only. How I wish it snowed the whole day.  After that there was bright sunshine marking the end of snowfall in Thimphu, I believe. 

A snowy day means spring is not far. In Bhutan it heralds fieldwork. Farmers believe a snowy winter means plenty to reap in autumn. It’s good news for our farmers. In Korean beliefs, if a couple goes on their first date on the first snowfall, they will be happy forever and if you make a wish on the first snowfall it will come true. So those of you who have planned for some time to go on the first date you should not miss today because it snowed today peeps. And those of you planning to stay home, you should make a wish :D. 

We expected snowfall for quite a while now. So it came, melted softly on the ground and left us disappointed since it didn’t remain for long. It’s a bright sunny day instead now: /. But I loved that it snowed today :).


  1. That was an awesome update on the snowfall day.
    I wish I had a date. I wish it snowed in Australia too. Poor thing, Aussie's don't get to experience such a pleasant weather like in Bhutan.
    Anyways, I love your habit, that cute habit of sleeping over the sound of rainfall.
    I hope it snows next year sometime during the same month of the year or the following month as I will probably be in Bhutan. Yipeeee! Fingers crossed. Need to keep my expectations low. haha.


  2. Thank you Yessi!

    Well you need not worry about the snowfall next year, definitely it will be there for you and for us:) and we'll be getting a holiday like tomorrow :D

  3. Hi Rekha.... it was awesome writing.... I loved it. However I did not share ur enthusiasm over a snowfall as I have no love for snow as I used to do before. Guess old age is creeping up and changing ur taste and habits. But the way you portrayed was beautiful. Keep posting! Spicily yours......

  4. Your happiness must have been sky high when it snowed the second time! :)


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