Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Happiness pill

What is the first thought that comes to your mind as soon as you open your eyes in the morning? Do you think of the things that you will do to make you happy? Well, I don’t! Mornings are the worst part of my day. First thing, I struggle to get out of the cozy bed. Since winter is approaching, it will become even more terrible for me to start my day :(. Then comes the part of scurrying to office with meetings to attend, minutes to be followed up and deadlines to be met. So where is the time to think about things that will make me happy? Grrr...
Today's post by Cheeky Pink Tulip here had me rather thinking and instead of leaving a comment I decided to create a list of things that will make me happy seriously. :). This way I can think and write on stuffs that will make me happy. Since it’s a Sunday post, I shall focus on things that will make me happy on a SUNDAY.

   Going to the church: A Sunday spent without going to the church means a Sunday wasted for me. Throughout the week, God’s grace and mercy keeps us protected in good health. So I believe in thanking Him for His grace and mercy by offering him prayers of gratitude worshiping Him.

   Writing: Nothing is much more important than writing when the inspiration strike. As soon as I read this post on her blog the sudden inspiration to write hit me and therefore this post. So this post is ‘spur of the moment’ post. A deep sense of satisfaction overwhelms me after doing a blog post. I am sure all you bloggers also feel the same. Those of you who constantly update their blog must be achieving satisfaction now and then which I am so envious of lol. I hardly update this space :(. I have promised myself that I will at least write once a month, and if you notice there is at least 1 post every month hehe.

    Reading: I am one hell of a lazy bone. I can’t sit straight while reading a book. So I lie down most of the time. That way I go to bed with a book and sleep with the book as well. My idea of reading a book is to be inside warm covers in the bed with a good cup of hot coffee. This way nothing can take away my pleasure of reading.   

    Exercising: Yes, exercising makes me immensely happy. I have been a huge fan of Pop Pilates of Cassey Ho, know her more here. I have downloaded almost all her vids yet the lazy spirit inside me overtakes it. I bought a new yoga mat also for inspiration yet I have been too darn lazy. But I make a point to do exercise on weekends and I seriously need to do more of it. 

   Taking a walk: Booming construction in Thimphu especially around the place where I live has made it inconvenient to talk a walk around. While in college we used to take long walks almost every day back then. There was one particular lecturer, an Indian guy who used to take brisk morning walks every morning. Rain or shine, he would be up for walk with ear piece of his iPod plugged in his ears. I wish I could remain dedicated like him for more happiness :P.  

    A clean room: I have this obsession for things to remain in its place in order. So my weekend is basically spent on cleaning and arranging my closets and drawers. That’s why I hardly have time to hang out with friends and family. But an orderly room gives me so much joy. 
Tit-a-bit example lol
   Tit-a-bit:  I could not think of any other title for this description so the name tit-a-bit. From manicure to waxing my feet and using face mask or peel off, all these things I love to do on a Sunday like today.

So these are the pills to my happiness. If I could do all these in a day, what more can I ever ask for? Happiness is subjective. It varies from individual to individual. Since great things come in small packages, my ultimatum to happiness would mean doing these small things.
What is your pill to happiness? Did you ever ask yourself? If not, please do it immediately.

All good things come to an end, thus this Sunday. It has come to an end. I had a blissful Sunday, hope you had the same. So a happy week to all lovely readers!


  1. Sleeping in definitely definitely definitely makes me happy, as does trips to the spa :) I had a relaxing weekend too, not doing much of anything. Wishing you a great week xoxox

  2. Nice post, Rekha. Being able to do what I want to makes me happy, lol. It can be reading, drawing (sketching), playing football and of course updating my blog. Happy week you too!

  3. Awesome!
    I like being with my friends. So for me would be, cooking for them when I feel like to and then gossip the whole day. But sometimes, I prefer staying alone and Read or watch or sleep. OMG! I do have lots to fill up my blanks to make me feel happy.

    Thanks of sharing! It was fun going through.
    Have a good day!


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