Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo diary from Sri Lanka

Galle Face, Colombo

Isn't this intriguing?

Temple of the Buddha's Tooth, Kandy

Can you see the Buddha statue at the back?

Poor Elephant, chained so badly :(. It attracts the tourists though.

Yummy, guess what it is :P

It is not so often that we get to see the sea :)

A sight so lovely and breathetaking!

And finally my friend Dechen (Right) from my PG days, without whom all this fun would have been missed.


  1. Srilanka looks lovely so do you...i wud ve really luved to try out that steak or wadever it is.. :D

  2. You were in Sri Lanka?
    You should have told me - we could have met up! :)

  3. I would have loved to meet you but things happened so fast...

  4. The place is so Lovely and so do you guys.
    I am glad to see you :D
    The fact that they are Buddhist and they have elephants tied around, it is kinda uncanny.
    But all in all, Pictures are lovely.

  5. Thank you Yeesi for the lovely comments!
    Glad to see me?? Hmnnn.......?????
    Exactly, chaining the elephant, its very uncanny actually.


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