Wednesday, April 18, 2012


She is Snowy, barely 3 months old. Isn’t she cute? Definitely she is but very naughty too, full of life. As soon as the door is opened she sneaks outside. Whoosh! And she is down the stairs. We have to run fast to catch up with her before she escapes. 

And guess what she did to me. While on lunch I was playing with her on the lap. I was making a pout of my lips and grinning at her when all of a sudden she jumped up and locked her lips with mine. She made a small scratch on my lower lips and there was shed of a drop of blood or two.

I took it easy but my mom, the most unfriendly person with animals became frantic and forced me to go to the hospital for vaccine. However much I convinced her that the puppy did not bite me she was all deaf ears. 

The thought of syringe gave me goose bumps and I was trying to avoid that. But she was insisting on the vaccine and her stubborness?? I finally had to consent to take the vaccine. I thought just a vaccine and I will be done. Alas! That wasn’t it. I got two vaccines, on both arms:(. Not only that, I have to go for 4 more vaccines, Goodness gracious me! I tried to convince the doctor not to prescribe me vaccines but she was like 'to be on the safer side ' I  should be vaccinated with the rabies vaccines. I tried to make her understand that it was not a dog bite but just a scratch from the dog’s lips. But she would not agree.

The next morning I woke up to the terrible pains of syringes on both my arms. What an awful morning it was. I could not lift any of my arms and it got me bed ridden the whole day. Neither could I sleep on any side with my arms underneath:(. I had to call in sick at office.  Now I am just wondering if I should stop the vaccine because I cannot afford to go through another pain for a fortnight because I still got 4 more doses though with breaks in between. It is not a bite; I am telling you but just a locking of lips which bumped my lips and it bled. Again I am terrified that later on in life I would have complication. 

I am seriously thinking on stopping the vaccine. I need your suggestions, please help!


  1. Was your pup vaccinated?

    The lips (basically the whole face area) is considered to be a risky site for dog bites/scratches. SO that is why the doctors decided on giving you the vaccination.
    And in the case, it isn't a paw scratch - sounds like a scratch cuz of the teeth - so I suggest you take the vaccines.

    The vaccines are painful because they're given deep into the skin or into the muscle. To reduce pain, you should keep your muscles relaxed when the give the vaccine. Do not contract your muscles.
    But definitely complete the course of the vaccines.

  2. No she isnt vaccinated thats why:-(. It wasnt a paw scratch for sure. Thank u so mch for the suggestion Sweta!

  3. I think you should take it as you never know.
    My sons's photos are of the Beira Lake not Galle Face.


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