Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Blog Anniversary

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Gosh! It has been a year exactly since I started blogging. No no, not a year but two. A year in another blog by the name ( and a year in this blog ( So two years altogether! I had to leave the earlier blog because I was not using the old email id attached to it and unfortunately I deleted the whole account. In that process I lost my blog and could not retrieve it. My bad! How technically poor I am:(. 

So when I started this new blog last year at this time of the month, I promised myself that I will remember every anniversary of my blogging journey. And gosh! I nearly forgot it since it is 12th April today and my blogging anniversary is supposed to be on 7th. Fortunately I remembered it while browsing through the old posts. So what if its not April 7th? Its April, the month I started blogging last year and that’s how I am here today.

A year has gone in the wink of an eye. But so much has happened in this past year. I have come to terms with life. Starting from a new career, a place of my own where I can call home, to making new friends and new people-I got a new life in itself! In all these aspects of life I have matured a year independently. Oh how hard it is to start a life of your own. I have always thought that I have been independent all this life. But how wrong I was! Instead I have been too dependent on my parents morally and financially. 

Now earning my own bread and butter has been the toughest task so far. To have to pay your own rents, do the grocery shopping that should last you for weeks and a month, managing my finance: it’s a Herculean task for me. A couple of times I even googled on how to manage my finance soundly :P, stupid me! Because the end result was same. :(

And the bus and taxi rides to and fro to your office in Thimphu costs you a nightmare when you look in to your purse at the end of the week. Hopefully, I learned to drive which I have always wanted to and commuting to office has been a lot easier now. But crisis for your car refueling starts in every time I read a fuel hike in the papers. How difficult it is to be an adult, I wonder now. 

Whatsoever, all this has made me a year wiser now and I hope to remain so. Memories; sad, happy, good and bad have been a kaleidoscope now. Sometimes it had really obstructed me from moving forward in life. However, ‘everything should move on’ and “things are to be let loose if it isn’t your’s” thoughts have pushed me this far in life. So this is to my year of blogging, Happy blog Anniversary! Hope to celebrate my journey of writing with more years to come. :)


  1. Happy 1st and 2nd Blog Anniversary!
    Life has so much to offer us, so with this, I hope each year brings you the new experience and live up to it.
    Hoping to read more of your article updates.
    Stay Happy!!!

  2. Happy anniversary indeed.

    life may be tough at times but it is fun like writing. I know you will enjoy both

    Happy days ahead......


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