Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year resolutions or Not?

I know I have been away from this space for quite a long time now. The last entry on my blog 
 was on 13/11/11, 53 days back and I have hardly written in a month now. The sheer reason is laziness and it has led to inconsistency of my passion for writing. I feel dumb when I don’t read and write and I have been the greatest dumbo these past months I have been away from writing. That is why it’s becoming tougher for me to scribble down what I really intend to. Words fail and gets stuck midway and I have to press the backspace key on the keyboard again and again. Darn! How loathsome laziness has turned me into, I abhor you, o Laziness of mine!

This is my first post for the year 2012 and here I come with a New Year resolution! I never had New Year resolution this past 25 years of my life because I know well that I suck at resolutions. But this year it’s different, I have made up my resolution. And it is to write and write! And not desert my blogging space. 

I ardently follow others space, one of the major tasks I do at work is go through others web pages and stay glued to the computer screen for hours and hours. Sometimes I spent the whole day reading especially when I find it interesting and too lazy to work. In fact, that’s what I have been doing the whole morning today :P. I took the whole week (last week of December) off from work to meet family and friends over Christmas. Moreover, I was in dire need of break from work and that holidays rejuvenated me so much that I am still in holiday moods and have remained glued to my computer screen this whole time.

On the other side, my own space has been ignored and deserted. This New Year, I want to respect my space and keep blog updates. Hope I live it up.

On this note, Happy New Year to all bloggers! Have a prosperous and a great Year ahead.


  1. A great resolution for sure. Welcome back and yeah looking forward to wonderful posts from you. Happy New Year to you too. :)

  2. Thank you so much Langa! Readers like you boosts my writing zeal :)


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