Friday, January 6, 2012

Bigg Boss season 5

What does it mean to stay isolated for 98 days from the rest of the world? No phone or internet connection, you won’t get to see your loved ones every morning, no sweet and then later on angry wake up calls from your mother. But you have to spend 98 days along with other complete strangers as housemates locked out together under the surveillance of 55 cameras, tracking your each and every move. Freaking, isn’t it? 

No, I am not talking about 98 days of solitude. I am talking about the Bigg Boss season 5, the hit Indian reality TV show on colors TV hosted by Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. I have come to terms to love these two gentlemen for their humour and personality. 

I would not be doing justice to the show if I don’t update about it here. Since its start on 2/10/2011, I have been a big fan of this show and never before had I followed some TV shows like this. Had I prepared for some examination on the updates and insights of this show I am sure that I would top the examination: P. Not enough of the show, I have googled and dissected each issues about the show and had spent some precious hours of my time going through the spicy gossips and muffins of the inmates of the house on the show. Since the show airs late at night (11 pm BST), I get less sleep every morning and have to reach office groggily from mon-fri. But never mind, the show  will come to an end tomorrow after some 14 weeks and hopefully i will get back my beauty sleep starting this Monday. What a way to start the New Year. :)

It was a pleasant surprise when the Indo-Canadian adult actress Sunny Leone made the entry into the Bigg Boss house. Her entry set the audience on fire. Her choice of career as an adult star led people to Google about her. She became the most searched item. Finally every one landed into visiting her porn websites and pictures.

Another one was the entry of the 601 pound Japanese sumo Wrestling Champion Yamamotoyama, a guest for a day. His was excessively cute and brought in lots of laughter into the chaotic and abusive house, at least for a day. And not to forget, Andrew Symonds, the former Australian criketer was swwet when he spoke Hindi.

Finally, the show is coming to an end with the grand finale on 7/01/2012 i.e tomorrow night at 9:30 pm (BST) and I am super excited as to who will win the show and emerge a 1-core winner. I have my contestant on mind; I pray he/she  win. If you have followed the show, who is your bet on?

Juhi Parmar
UPDATE: Juhi Parmar, the Kumkum soap girl we used to watch some years back on Indian television took home 1-crore, becoming the 2nd woman to win the Bigg Boss show after Sweta Tiwari, another popular soap girl. 3 months of watching the show and i am disappointed big time :(. 

I did not expect Juhi Parmar to win the show for her selfish and snobbish acts in the house. And if we peep into the past, the person who has survived since the beginning has won the show. Since Juhi Parmar survived since day one in the house it was predictable that she would win the show.

I have wasted 14 precious weeks watching the show only to find out at the end that the show is scripted and not a reality TV show. What a waste!


  1. There is at least someone I know who watches Big Boss. I am outside Bhutan and I have been watching in youtubes with my other friends who also is a fan of Big Boss. But somehow I missed to watch the final days of the show.

    Well, Big Boss is unscripted and the winner is a choice of audience and the viewers. I guess, Juhi won the show

    1) She knows the tactics of the game
    2) She is an active participant in all the activities of the show
    3) She earned love from people exposing herself as an typical Indian woman/wife.

    There could be many other reasons for Juhi to win the show. I just wrote the basics that I know. Howsoever, I also felt like Juhi would win the show because she never really stepped on danger zone or in any punishment level like other participants. No body really talked bad about her at the back. She always had a valid reason to defend herself and support the other as well.

    I know how disheartening it is to see the show unexpected. But we should be proud enough to have seen all those episodes and reflect on our life. I did that too and I find it very useful on how to deal with the people we know.

    One of the most interesting and beneficial thing for me was I blabber with reasons and I always had explanations to what I speak about.
    It is so much fun giving and having reasons to our every talk.

    Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It felt good to see someone write about Big Boss.

  2. And there is at least someone who seems to have followed Bigg Boss and is in a position to retaliate my views :).

    Yeesi, you are right when you say that the winner is the choice of the audience and it totally depends on the audience votes. However,the winner was already predicted that's why the show being "scripted" comes into the picture.What Juhi Parmar did and why she don't deserve the title:

    1) She always had a valid reason to defend
    herself and support people who were her friends "only".
    2) She brought groupism in the show.
    3) Had she been on the path to truth and stand up for one's right, she would never befriend Sky, the monstrous man of the show.She was being warned of this by the BB hosts also.In fact she was the mastermind behind Sky's monstrous character on the show.And how she wittingly instigated Sky to leave the show in the middle when all of them were so close to their destination.

    She calls herself BFF to Sky, do you think that any BFF would love to see his/her friend out of the show? But Juhi did that sensing Sky as her greatest threat.

    4) She wasn't an active participant of the show, she just did for footage and when her role in student-teacher task was not influential, she was scared to death that she would be eliminated that week cuz of less footage. Is that genuineness?? Not to forget one episode when she did not eat the meal sent by BB for the winners of one of the tasks and neither did she lether friends eat when they were famished after the tiring task. So selfish of her!

    I can blabber about her on and on...but i rather not :)after all these follow ups on this BB Season 5.

    She was my favorite contestant in the beginning but later on when her true colors were revealed she was such a huge disappointment. She just took home the title and 1 crore by just lazing around on the show.

    Thanks for the visit and your thoughts on BB season 5.


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