Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Royal Wedding, finally it is here!

Love is in the air! Not for me but for every Bhutanese. The hearts have been racing extra wildly with excitement and there is excitement on everybody’s face. The celebratory mood is seen everywhere. 

Ask why? Somewhere in a small Himalayan Kingdom, the dragon king is getting married. Our king is getting married.My king is getting married. I find it pleasant when I refer to His Majesty the King as ‘my king’ because he holds a special place in people’s heart. Truly he has been tagged as The People’s King. And that ‘my’ syllable brings extra attachment to my king. Yes my handsome, gallant and down-to-earth king is getting married to the beautiful bride Jetshuen Pema. Its a living testimony of fairy tale. Who said fairy tales does not exist? It does! And its happening in Bhutan, right here, right now :)

With the countdown coming to just some hours now, we are super excited for the royal wedding. Unable to hold the excitement I and my friend went out for a drive in our Pajamas to see the Thimphu city in its magnificent beauty late last night.

I have always been fascinated by the colorful lights; its glow and color in the nights brings a great sense of satisfaction and magical feelings in me whenever I see some colorful lights. So not wanting to let this magical feeling pass away without letting it to conquer my heart, we went out like kids excited with some mischief up their sleeves. And lo and behold! This is what we saw; the structures of the city beautifully decorated just like the groom and bride to-be will be dressed in their best on the wedding day.

Tashichhodzong at its glory at night

Shearee Square in Olakha, the only shopping mall with elevators in Thimphu glowing wid blue hues

Hotel Migmar in Olakha and the Expressway sheddin away the same glow
Sorry my pictures are not as aesthetic as it should be. To get the aesthetic view you should go out at night and see it for yourself, trust me you will be amazed! :) 

This is indeed a very auspicious occasion for every one of us. Our king since time immemorial has taken people true to his heart and considered each and every one of us as his family. Thus, we are participating in this historic occasion as one huge family. 

I wish your Majesties a Happy wedding and a prosperous life for now and forever! And live happily ever after, both the people and their Majesties.


  1. Ur pics r super cool & rele all r unable 2 hold da excitment any more.tkc!

  2. Nice one! True, all are excited about it!

  3. WOW! The place looks amazing with all those glittering. Can't accept the feeling of being away from my home country. Surely, thanks for sharing the picture. You made my night. Meant it! I wanted to see the glory of Thimphu after the announcement on the preparation of The Royal Wedding but in vain.


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