Thursday, July 21, 2011

An untreated obsession ^____^

I have this huge obsession over wedge heeled shoes... I never seem to get enough of it! Its definition and the shape, the cosmopolitan look it gives and most importantly the comfort it gives make me crazy over wedge heels. It also gives the increased balance and comfort while still allowing you to get used to having the heel of your foot placed high above the level of your toes.

It doesnot not mean i am not comfortable in stilettos, I am :) but i rather prefer wedge heels over stilettos.Ah!! how it hurts to stand on stilettos all day :( yet women love to wear it. I have had innumerable bad experiences with stilettos. A couple of them broke down when walking (which was really embaressing) :P and few of it got stuck in the holes of the sidewalk. Had a tough time to pull it off, sigh! 

Just to avoid all these ordeals unnecesarily, I am so obsessed over wedges. And how i love to flaunt in a good pair of wedge. The sexy feeling it gives you just like in a good pair of stilettos and the comfort is simply superb! :)

Oh this gray pumps are a big No No!

Yea these are the ones that i am so drooling about :P

And this one...looks so nice & comfy with the flora print :)

And here this gladiator wedge is even more trendy and can go well with any outfit


  1. Loving the gladiator wedge!
    Are wedges in in Thimphu these days?
    Sigh! I miss Thimphu!

  2. Agreed, wedges are so much more comfortable but i love pumps as well

  3. I love wedge heels cos they are comfortable ..:)

    1. Totally with you Jamyang. I can wear wedge heels 365 days and even run in them haha.


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