Friday, July 1, 2011

That Summer in Paris and Abha Dawesar - A book review

A repost again! Though spring is over, this post is in memory of the last spring I wrote about when i was in RIM(2010).

It has been quite sometime, probably a month since I last blogged in. The very reason was because I had been suffering from writer's block and the rain today jerked the inner person in me and made me come to this site again after a month or so. Its a wonder how this rain cajoled the lost passion in me today-my passion for writing, it made me bed ridden for approximately five hours and drove me to finish Abha Dawesar's That Summer in Paris which I had difficulty finishing since some two weeks ago. Thank you spring rain!!!:)

The rain today came at an odd hour, the ominous clouds started hovering over the skies above me in the late afternoon and as I predicted it gave way to heavy downpour making me dizzy and breathless.

I am not that fond of rain nor do I love to play in the rain unlike others who likes to go out in the rain. This again doesn’t mean that I hate rain. I love watching the rain, the droplets of water hitting the ground and on the CGI sheets especially means music to my ears, a rare treat in the early spring and a feast to my eyes.

I gave the rain a quizzical glance from the window of my room and tried to ask why at this hour? I had so many plans in my mind today; do some laundry, play tennis,go out for a walk and visit a friend. But darn this rain! 'It spoiled everything' I thought to myself and retired to bed with That Summer in Paris with a cup of steaming coffee, Gradually I was taken to Paris, the plot setting in the story, to New York and to India by Abha Dawesar. 

Prem, Pascal, Irene, Maya, Homi, Ratan, Deepika and of course the very renowned Eiffel Tower became a part of me for the next five hours or so. In between I took breaks to go to the loo or to refill my coffee mug, apart from that I was deeply immersed in the seven lives of these people whom I have never met before. In the end I also attended the funeral of Mr. Rustum(Prem) who dies at the age of eighty, Maya couldn’t bear the loss of Mr. Rustum though she was expecting it. She was alone and lonely and I tried giving her company.

All in all I was so tired moving to and fro from Paris to New York with them but the short vacation with the Rustum family in Paris was a refreshing one especially with Ratan darling, the cute grand nephew of Mr. Rustum.:)

I got to thank the rain today for the wonderful voyage, had you not poured today I would have still not finished That Summer in Paris and I would have missed the trip to Paris and New York though I have not been there literally eh! Thank you rain for the wonders you did unto me today. It’s an ethereal beauty as to how books are our greatest company for all times to come and there is no denying to this fact.

Erotic love, incest relationships, cancer, depression, noble prize effect, writer's block and the beauty of Paris, not to forget the title is what Abha Dawesar(a Harvard graduate) talks about in her book, That Summer in Paris.

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