Sunday, July 17, 2011

The day I graduate

It is my convocation day and I am late, holy cow!!! Well, I did not intend to be late but provided the Bhutanese stretchable time; I thought I can be chronically late by an hour. So I go to my graduation day an hour late :P. and the usher (who happened to be from my college) at the entrance nearly made me a dead meat. 
I was there to get my degree so I did not care a bit of him chiding me. Had it been for some other reasons I would not have resisted him, come what may!

After a hard time wrestling with the gown, I ran the stairs like Cinderella except that she ran out the ball room and I ran inside the hall :)
Oh I am finally seated inside the hall and had to wait for another good 40 minutes for the actual procession. Oh how I hate the Bhutanese approach of waiting and waiting and never beginning a meeting or for that matter this special occasion. Why cannot they (we) come on time, do the business and part on time.  

Nevertheless, the good 40 minutes was worth the wait, I will tell you why?  

It marked the grand entrance of His Majesty (HM) the king with his lovely fiancĂ©e. 
Oh what could be more grandeur than this? A beautiful sight, a feast to these eyes of mine which has not laid on such a sight for a pretty long time now. 
The 45 minutes informal discourse with the king was awesome. How His Majesty began the session, it was truly romantic. It was so romantic of him to have started the discourse with Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem, “If.” 
It was a reminiscence of my childhood days when HM read out the poem so beautifully. Next he introduced his would-be bride with a kiss on her cheek. It was an outrageous royal P.D.A, How sweet! A huge round of applause followed that and we could see her blushing. :) 

The discourse was constructive, it portrays HM’s unconditional love for his people, truly a peoples’ king he is! His charisma never ceases to enchant us (me):)
Awarding the certificate with a handshake and a photograph each with some 1000 plus graduates must have worn him out. But my king, throughout the session, not a look of despair was seen on his handsome face. 
The stolen glances to his fiancee in between the breaks made us gaga. Oooo!!! That extra mile of HM to be there for us on our big day and to award us the certificate individually is truly heart rendering.

The entire day rehearsal for the convocation the previous day had already drained me out, I had never been this tired my entire life. But the day, the moment was worth it.

Here is a sneak peek from the day; I could not capture the actions inside the hall as we were not allowed to take cameras inside. 

Tired everyone of us...queuing for the lunch at the end of the day

And finally we roomie from college on the right :)


  1. Congratulations dear.... one of the best moment of ones life....

  2. A wonderful post. You should have gone on time and waited longer to know the worth of it wholly. LOL You captured every essence in describing HM's audience with you all and his moments with our to-be queen. I enjoyed your article thoroughly. And let me not forget to offer you my congratulations for achieving that milestone. keep posting! BTW, you know, our page backgrounds are same :D. When did you change yours?

  3. dev : Thank u so much!

    Langa Tenzin : You are right! I should have made up on time...i regret it so much now.:(. Thank you for the visit..and yea our backgrounds are same. :)..oh what a coincidence! I changed it some days back, was pretty bored with the old stuffs you noe.

  4. you lucky thing!
    Our king truly is one of a kind :)
    Congratulations on your *special* graduation!

  5. My brother, a simple Diploma holder from CNR a couple of years ago shared few such notes during our conversation on phone. Reading your post, I could visualize the entire session in the hall. Lucky are you all having got an opportunity to shake hand and take photograph with our beloved king in receiving your lifetime degree. Congratulations la.

  6. Sweta & Leo : Yes lucky me n the 1000 plus grads..Thank u!:)


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