Friday, April 22, 2011

Myriad Thoughts and Bizarre Dreams

I wanted to rekindle the writer in me. and this blog was created to bring that "fire" in me.
Unfortunately the 'Bhutanese inconsistency syndrome' affected me
And it has been four months since i last blogged in.

Not because i was away to Mars or the Moon
but i was here the four whole months sitting in front of my PC day and night doing nothing useful.
planting and harvesting crops on Farmville and Countrylife virtually, worried so much that my crops would wither!

Cyber world has doomed me. It has made me too lazy to get out of my bed or even to go to the loo.

My faithful and good cultivated habit of writing a diary at the end of the day has been marred. Thankfully i write something in places like this. My reading has slumped down to 3 from 9 on a scale of 10. I hardly read forget about reading the bible or praying before bed.

What did i ever to do deserve something like this? I ask God...or should i ask to myself? I better do that.

I stay up until the wee hours of dawn. I am not insomniac (mind you!). Nor am i working on any project though i am assigned to do one. Yet i can stay up the whole night.
When my mother asked me to stay up for the whole night prayer last New year eve to greet the new year 2010, i could not be reasonable but be annoyed at her.

The idea of completely a new management research was so appealing 6 months then. Not any more, i find it a absolute crap now forget about the interest. God Almighty save me, i am not in mood to waste another of my precious life in doing craps which sounds bullshit to me at the moment.
Perhaps i need to be electrocuted so that my friends could be saved at least.

Grumbled i used to do for the hectic classes and for the loads of assignment. But whats happening to me?? I want to go to the class badly now, i miss it more than ever. I miss the intellectual lectures now. I must be on the wrong medication or i must have skipped it.
This isn't me at all.

The person always on the look out for bunking classes is doing this? Surely my days are counted on this peaceful so called "Shangrila"(for further reference refer my article BHUTAN: The Last Shangri-La on the July issue of Drukpa magazine).
Otherwise this stuffs would never happen to me.

HUH...i am sure these are the signs of my last days on earth. Before the world comes to an end in 2012(lets see!) i have already experienced death. I catch the flu, go sick to bed and close my eyes. For a brief moment i stop breathing,gasps for air and
ah....this is how death must be, peaceful and numb,i think then.
It will be another four years until i face the actual death in 2017(acc to Facebook Death calculator) which so many of us play (bullshit, who the heck believes that,do you?)

Until sanity comes back i will have to live in this virtual world. I wonder if i will miss this life when normalcy returns? What fond memories will i carry before i get back to being me? One last wish do i have before i exit from the earth: Write a book.

Until then adieu!

NOTE: This is completely a work of fiction, an attempt at absurd writing.The thoughts are completely of the writer's and is not intended to resemble nor offend anyone.

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