Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogging and Me

The seven long years voyage of my love came to a disastrous end. With it passed away the two most important part of me;

1. A part of me died away with it
2. My passion for writing ceased away

My motivating factor, the person I have loved all my life took away with him my motivation to write and now all I am left with is the remains of what I had written. The notes and the pieces I wrote when he was with me are the only pieces I have now. Deep inside me I know I can never write like that again.

After blogging successfully for a year, my passion for writing suddenly lost its ground and I became a zombie overnight. I could neither read nor write and my soul hovered incessantly for days and nights. I tried to find solace in something else but in vain.

It has been some three and half months since we separated and I haven’t had the nerve to read something nor write. Hopefully I am back here again with the zeal not to let go off my passion and be strong instead to move on in life. And I am here to stay this time. Happy Blogging! This is to me. :)


  1. Good going rekha!! N i like ur writing ways!! All the best!!

  2. ooh, looks like my comment didn't get posted. let's try this again.

    sorry you had to go through such a tough experience. you write so beautifully and touching. i am glad you've decided to start blogging, hope you're here for a long time. :)


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